2016 Statistics related to my Action Figure pages

Sylvia with clutch

Pages added in 2016

most popular Action Figure pictures on this site in 2016

  1. Kathy  2844
  2. Jessica and Sylvia  2539
  3. Abigail Whistler  1436
  4. Claudia  1284
  5. Isis  1041
  6. the B-Girls  914
  7. Nicky  731
  8. Jessica  609
  9. Gemma  584
  10. Abby  579

most popular Action Figure pages on this site in 2016

  1. the Honeys  716
  2. Jessica  630
  3. Abigail Whistler  582
  4. Claudia  563
  5. Kathy  528
  6. Margiana  463
  7. Dream Girl Ice  460
  8. Anne  440
  9. Ice Limited Edition  436
  10. Liz  421

Changes made to Action Figure pages in 2016

Dec 17, 2016Various PagesAdded some more reference pics to the Honeys, Thoughts and Trivia and CG Bodies pages
Dec 15, 2016Various PagesAdded thumbnail panel and some new pictures to Andrea and Theresa; minor changes to Daphne, CG Bodies, CG Care and Painting Faces pages
Nov 16, 2016Various PagesAdded thumbnail panel and new pictures to Selena; changed links to making a new arm on CG Repairs pages; minor changes to Aurora, Kathy, Claudia, Pictures of Vera and TTL body joint repair pages
Nov 12, 2016VeraAdded new pictures and moved repair info to separate page
Nov  6, 2016Various PagesAdded links to catalog pictures for Helena and Nina
Oct 28, 2016B-Girlsrenamed and moved pictures
Oct 25, 2016SylviaAdded new pictures to the thumbnail pictures
Oct 23, 2016Various PagesUpdated links on CG Links and Rerooting Hair pages
Sep 17, 2016CG LinksAdded link to Kattis Dolls site
Sep  4, 2016rerooting hair using interlocking plugsAdded new page, linked from Rerooting Hair page
Sep  4, 2016Various PagesRenamed pictures and updated some text from Rerooting Hair; Upgrading v1 Wrists; Making a Hook and Hip Joint Repair pages
Aug 20, 2016Thoughts and TriviaAdded some more thoughts
Aug  4, 2016Various PagesAdded thumbnail panels with pictures to Cutey Honey; Helena; Ayako; Kazumi; Alexandra (Capt. Burner); Diane and Kathy
Jul 25, 2016SylviaAdded a new picture to the thumbnail pictures
Jul 21, 2016Making a 1/6 scale Clutch, CG Accessories and ClothesAdded a new page describing how I made a simple clutch for Sylvia
Jul 16, 2016Martha JonesAdded a portrait picture of Freema Agyeman for comparison
Jul 14, 2016DanielleAdded another thumbnail picture
Jul  1, 2016JessicaAdded another thumbnail picture
Jun 11, 2016Sparesbox SweetheartsMain picture now clickable: click on figure jumps to description, click on background still shows larger picture
Jun 11, 2016CG Bodiessome minor changes and additions to text
Jun 11, 2016the HoneysFixed missing anchor for Cutey Harley
Jun  2, 2016Various PagesMade a start with adding a thumbnail panel with pictures at the bottom of the pages: Floyd; Danielle; Priscilla; Jessica; Liz; Nina; Sylvia; Anne; Daphne; Diane
Apr 13, 2016Painting FacesAdded a note about not to use cadmium based paints on soft vinyl
Mar 31, 2016Honey Kisaragisome minor changes and additions to text
Mar  3, 2016Hip Joint Repairsome minor changes and additions to text
Mar  3, 2016CG Careminor layout changes and additions to text
Feb 17, 2016VeraAdded link to larger size of a picture
Feb 10, 2016Sparesbox Sweetheartsfixed link to picture of TTL body with broken waist joint
Feb 10, 2016Jessica, New Leggingsadded link to picture of pattern for CG leggings
Jan 29, 2016CG Bodiesadded link to picture of Hot Toys True Type body
Jan  4, 2016Jessica Got Talentminor layout change

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