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Barbie Priscilla

The 'Barbie 2005' face sculpt (a.k.a. 'Fashion Fever Face') is used for some of my favorite Barbie faces, it can be made to look both beautiful and cute, Jessica is a great example of a cute version.
When I did some searching for other 'Barbie 2005' faces I noticed that in 2007 the face was also used on a slightly rounder head. Some of the loveliest Barbie faces were made with these rounder heads, some more searching lead me to this Barbie.
With her beautiful blue eyes, subdued makeup and light pink lips I think she has the sweetest Barbie face I've ever seen.

Barbie Priscilla

Her Barbie body is the taller version of the 'shorty' body that was introduced in 2007.
Although the Barbie body comes with articulated knees and elbows I briefly considered putting her head on a CG style body. However the skin tone of her head does not match any of the CG bodies I have, it is a bit lighter than the CG v2 type B bodies that I usually use.
On top of that, it turned out that her head is fitted firmer than usual to her body, so rather than risk doing damage to either the body or the head I decided to leave her head on her own body. This also allowed me to keep her dressed in the lovely golden dress that she came in.

2007 Barbie I Can Be... Baby Doctor set It took help from an expert to find out her origins, she is from one of the larger 'I Can Be...' play sets called 'I Can Be... Baby Doctor'. This set came with two babies, cradles and doctors office furniture.
Her body turns out to be a special issue: bodies of this type usually come with fixed elbows. However to be able to hold the babies, the elbows of the body for this set were made to hinge and the hands were put in a different pose.

Cuties Boots Barbie feet vs Cuties Boots To allow her to stand upright without support I gave her a pair of knee-high Cuties boots.
These boots fit Barbie legs perfectly but have true 6th scale sized feet, I used the extra room inside to drop a very strong 2.0mm by 5.0mm diameter magnet in each boot.
The larger footprint of the boots combined with the magnets allow her to stand just as stable as the other Girls on the metal base of the display cabinet.
As the boots are not as steeply arched as the feet are, I added some padding out of stiff plastic foam below the heels.
Finally I wrapped some cling film around the feet and lower legs to hold the padding in place and to prevent the legs from getting stained by the boots.
Barbie Priscilla

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Barbie Priscilla Barbie Priscilla

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