Martha Jones
1/6 Scale Underground Toys Cool Girl

Martha Jones Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, featured in both the Doctor Who TV series as companion of The Doctor and the Torchwood TV series.
In 2007 Underground Toys made 1/6 scale action figures of both Doctor Who and Martha Jones.

The articulation of the body of this figure is somewhere between a Skynet LM v2 body and a CG v1, it is fully articulated. When dressed in the Martha Jones outfit it displays the same stubbornness when posed as a CG v1 body does (put it in a certain pose and it will slowly change its pose until a balance is reached between the stiffness of the joints and the stiffness of the costume).

Martha Jones

I plan to make her a black bead necklace like one she wears in Doctor Who to hide the seam where her neck joins her body.

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NameMartha Jones
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sculpt code--

the real Martha Jones (105kB)

Freema Agyeman portrait (9.2kB) Martha Jones
The figures face captures the features of Freema Agyeman very well, only the way the details were painted makes it differ somewhat: slightly larger irises and slightly heavier, more crooked eyebrows would make the likeness perfect.

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