1/6 Scale Cool Girl Ice clones

Some of the CG head sculpts were copied, Ice is one of these. The shape of the copied ('cloned') Ice sculpt differs somewhat from the original, the painting is a close copy down to the orange shade for the eyebrows.
The expression on the cloned Ice heads is often a bit more melancholic compared to the originals cute or cheeky expression, but still make for attractive looking girls.


CG Anne Here's a Cy Girl that isn't, the only parts that were ever sold by BBI/Takara are the hands and even those were modified by me.

The head is a cloned CG Ice head I bought on eBay, the dark blond/brown hair is an interesting variation. I've wondered before what Ice would look like with a darker shade of hair, so I was happy to find this head.
CG Anne head original paint
The head originally came with the same orange-colored eyebrows as the original CG Ice heads have, but I changed the eyebrows to brown to match the color of the hair.
It looks like the rooting pattern of the hair was designed for doing a pony tail (a small rubber band is included with the head for this). With the hair falling straight down or forward some bald patches showed up, so I painted these bald spots on the head with the same shade of brown as I used for the eyebrows.

The body is a CG v2 type B body that I bought loose on eBay.

The biker costume is from a ZC Rosanna figure, I bought the costume separately at Warlord's Keep.
The pants are designed to fit ZC Eve type bodies and since CG v2 bodies have identically shaped waist, hips and thighs the pants fit a CG v2 body perfectly.
The top barely goes over her shoulders (ZC Eve's have removable arms, CG bodies don't) fortunately there is just enough give in the seams, once it is on it fits perfectly.
I have yet to make her some boot sleeves so for now she is standing on bare Triad boot feet, which is hardly noticeable.

It is funny to see how very slight differences in the way the eyes and mouth are printed plus some dark eyebrows change the sweet Ice face into quite a tough looking Cool Girl.

CG Anne

In 2019 I noticed this head had started to deteriorate: turning hard and weeping plasticisers through the hair. As the hair touched the pleather jacket I decided to remove the head.
The spare cloned Ice heads I had also showed signs of deteriorating, so I fitted a different replacement head, turning Anne into Janet.

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Member SinceAug 18th 2009
bodyCG v2 type B (cloned)
headCG Ice (cloned)
sculpt code-
remarksrepainted eyebrows
v1 hands, converted to v1.5 wrists

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Anne Anne Anne


CG Evelyn I got this cloned Ice figure from Dollsfigure.com as a complete figure.

Actually I was just looking for another enhanced v2 body when I noticed that this figure (enhanced v2 body, Ice head and the clothes you can see in the pictures plus a pair of white stockings) was being sold for the same price as a loose body.
The quality of this body turned out marginally less good than the loose bodies I bought before: the bare feet fit a bit sloppy in the ankles and some join lines on the limbs and body are not flush.
I firmed up the ankles by inserting some thread between the ankle balls and the ankle cups.
Since I took the pics on this page I smoothed the join lines on her limbs and body.

Maybe it is me but the expression on Evelyn's face is as if she could really use a hug.

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Member SinceAug 3rd 2010
bodyCG v2 type A 'enhanced' (cloned)
headCG Ice (cloned)
sculpt code-

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Evelyn Evelyn Evelyn


CG Caitlin Ever since I got my first Ice I had wondered what Ice would look like with a shade of hair similar to her eyebrows.
A while ago I bought some Golden Auburn saran hair from Dollyhair.com, this matched the color of the eyebrows perfectly, so I got another cloned blond Ice head sculpt from eBay and did a reroot with Golden Auburn hair.

I put the re-rooted head on a 'Gothic Bride' figure, consisting of an enhanced v2 body, a pleather-and-lace dress and an Asian head sculpt. I'll be saving the Asian head sculpt for another figure.

The ankle cups of this body are a bit wide and the ankle balls of the bare feet are a bit small, so the feet fit sloppy. I fixed this by applying a thin coat of cyanoacrylate glue to the ankle balls, letting it cure before inserting the ankle balls into the ankles.
I noticed the coat of cyanoacrylate started chipping when I positioned the feet, so it would be better to insert a fine thread between the balls and the cups.

I made her a daisy chain to wear around her head or neck.

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Member SinceAug 17th 2010
bodyCG v2 type A 'enhanced' (cloned)
headCG Ice (cloned)
sculpt code-
remarksDIY re-root
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Caitlin Caitlin

Firming up CG v2 ankles

CG Evelyn, thread in ankles Tools and materials needed:

To firm up sloppy ankles, insert a small cotton thread between the ankle cup and ball.
Select a couple of threads of varying thickness, starting with the thinnest and replacing it with the next thicker one if the ankle isn't firm enough yet.
After inserting the thread, move the foot back and fore to make the thread spread its fibers.
Finally cut off the excess bits of thread that are sticking out of the ankle cup.
The pieces of thread sticking out of the ankle cups are just visible in the picture on either side of the ankle pegs.

Making a daisy chain

daisy chain Tools and materials needed:

Measure the circumference of the head, add about 4cm and cut the green thread to this length. Leave about 1-2cm of thread clear of flowers so the thread can be tied later.

Take the shopping bag and cut a straight strip of white plastic of about 3mm wide.
To make a set of petals, cut a little square of the strip, use the needle to punch a hole in the middle of the square, then make a V-shaped cut in each side to form a cross, finally round off the tips of the cross. Use the adhesive tape to pick up all those tiny snips of plastic before these get everywhere.

To make a flower, take a short length of yellow thread, tie some knots on top of each other in one end of the thread, cut any excess thread as close to the knots as you dare, then thread the other end of the thread through the needle. Use the needle to put two or three sets of petals on the thread. Finally tie the yellow thread to the green thread, slide the knot as close to the back of the petals as you can and cut off any excess yellow thread.

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