1/6 Scale BBI Perfect Body v1.5.1 bodied Cool Girl

CG PB Theresa BBI have their own Cy Girl Perfect Body series.
In 2005 BBI released a pair of new PB figures with new head sculpts and improved bodies, including a lovely 'Hispanic' figure.
BBI made two series, each with a different head. The first series came with black hair, the second series came with dark brown hair, Theresa is from the second series.

The white of her righthand eye was not completely painted, so I corrected this with some white Vallejo acrylic paint which I applied with the tip of a toothpick.

At first I wanted to dress her up as a racing car driver, so I gave her an off-white Azone turtleneck sweater (which looks just like the Nomex underwear worn under a racing suit) but sofar I am still looking for proper racing shoes.
In the end I got a nice native american blanket in a bunch of clothes I bought, so I decided to give her a touch of native american style.
The boots are real leather and are from Toy Soldier, the jeans are from FemBasix and the hat is from Yamato.
CG PB Theresa

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bodyPB v1.5 'Hispanic'
headPB v1.5 second series

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Theresa Theresa

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