1/6 Scale customized Ladies Mission bodied Cool Girl

Vera Vera is the dearest of my 'spares-box sweethearts': I had to repair every part of her body and make her a new left arm from scratch and grew very fond of her.

Her body is a generic LM body that got wrecked in the mail.
Initially I had no intention to turn this damaged body into a figure, however when I introduced Claudia on the MWD forum it got so much positive response that it made me consider turning the broken LM body into a kind of 'improved version' of Claudia (i.e. another Girl that is capable and attractive despite missing some limbs).
It did take a while before I made a start with repairing the damaged LM body though. I've put a description of the repairs on a separate page.


PB v2.1 head While repairing the body I found a loose PB v2.1 head with a major skin tone flaw: the face is much more pale than the lower cheeks, chin, neck and back of the head, as if the vinyl of the face had been in contact with some strong solvent.
Fortunately the face paint looks unblemished and the face has a lovely expression so I decided not to paint or touch up the face.
PB heads tend to fit LM v2 bodies better than other CG heads do, making it an obvious choice for this body.

Vera turning around

At first I dressed up Vera in a white FemBasix sweater and a brown pleather skirt, later I made her some black pleather shorts and a gray dress.

Vera and Claudia together
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Member SinceMay 31st 2011
bodygeneric Ladies Mission
headPerfect Body Caucasian v1.5.1
remarksrepaired, cleaned up and reshaped body,
new left arm,
custom boots with articulated soles

Whilst patching up her lightweight body I gave her the pet name 'Veertje' (Dutch for 'little feather'), so I decided to name her Vera.

At first I wanted to put Vera on her own two feet, but I've changed my mind: I fixed everything that was broken, all that is left are some flaws but that is what makes her unique.
Actually she stands more stable now than an LM v2 body on its original feet does and her balance is at least as good as that of the other Girls. She can be posed with ease and has an unlimited range of poses so I see no real need to change her any further.
With Claudia I set out to demonstrate that a Girl does not need a full complement of limbs to be capable and attractive, after I managed to make Claudia a pair of lower legs it is now up to Vera to help me prove my point.

When I started with repairing the damaged LM body my expectations were not high, but Vera turned out more attractive and more capable than I could have imagined.

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Vera Vera Vera topless Vera Vera Vera Vera Penny and Vera
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details on repairing her body

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