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CG Daphne with enhanced CG v2 body Daphnes head is the first CG head I rerooted myself. Cutey Honey v2 heads are easy to find, the root pattern of the original hair is symmetrical with a parting line down the middle and those big brown eyes work well with any hair color, so to me it was a logical choice.
I used three shades of saran hair that I bought from Dollyhair.com: for the base color I picked Dark Summer Sand blonde, for the back of the head I blended in some Cafe Latte Brown, around the face I blended in some Sunlit Blonde with some highlights around the parting line in pure Sunlit Blonde.
I used an interlocking plug technique, this made me use a bit more hair for each plug than the original had, so now she has a lot of hair on her head. Next time for a similar head I'll use slightly less hair for each plug.

For the body I used another CG v2 ("3.0") type B body.
I planned to give her Triad boots with zippers in the back, these are easier to remove by tilting the foot downwards (i.e. toes away from the shin, usually you tilt the foot with the toes towards the shin to pop it out of the ankle cup) so I pulled the ankle cups out of the legs and rotated them by half a turn.
It took a surprising amount of effort to pull the ankle cups out of the legs, it turned out these ankle cups differ from the ones on regular CG v2 bodies: the cross section is circular instead of egg-shaped, the locking groove is cut in all four sides of the stem and the tip of the stem is slightly too wide.
I sanded all four sides of each tip down slightly, now the cups fit better and can be removed more easily.

Since the Triad boots come with bootfeet inside I cut the feet off of the FemBasix solid black panty hose I gave her.

CG Daphne

The knees of her "3.0" body turned out to be rather week so I got her a new CG v2 type A 'enhanced' body which also matches the skin tone of her head better. I'll fix the knees of the "3.0" body some other time. The 'enhanced' CG body turned out a bit more pale than the skin tone of her head, so in 2019 I got her a CG v2 type A 'tan' body.

For the cold winter of 2010 I decided to dress her, according to the latest fashion, in a brown turtleneck sweater and some black pleather shorts I made.
CG Daphne dressed for the cold 2010 winter

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Member SinceDec 6th 2009
bodyCG v2 type A 'tan' (cloned)
headCG v2 Cutey Honey
sculpt codeCG04
remarksDIY reroot
Triad 'Furry Ordeal' boots

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Daphne Daphne Daphne
Daphne Daphne Daphne

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