Honey Kisaragi
1/6 Scale Cool Girl

CG v2 Honey Kisaragi
In 2005 and 2006 Takara did some new versions of popular earlier releases, one of these was Cutey Honey, a figure based on a popular anime character.
After releasing Cutey Honey Takara also created this CG version of Cutey's alter ego Honey Kisaragi.
Honey Kisagari has blue/violet eyes and blonde hair, making it the third variation of this CG04 head sculpt.
The Honey Kisagari figure came with both silver-colored gloved hands and bare hands, the bare hands are very sought after.

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NameHoney Kisaragi
Member SinceFeb 23rd 2007
bodyCG v2
headCG Honey Kisaragi
sculpt codeCG04
remarksfitted Geomag magnets to bootfeet

CG v2 Honey Kisaragi

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