Catwoman Selena
1/6 Scale Cool Girl Custom

CG Catwoman

Catwoman was a 2006 Takara release. This is the second 'comic version' release, dating from 2008, with metallic purple suit and blueish hair, the first release came with black hair and a black pleather suit.

I wasn't too keen on the original face Takara did and I considered the prices of later CG releases to be too high to customize them myself, so I had no intention of buying a Catwoman until I ran into this beautiful custom painted version by Riko.

Selena is one of the few figures in my collection that I just took out of her box and put straight on my shelf, I did not change anything about her.

The pictures with a dark background were taken by Riko, the lighting is much better than what I can achieve and the pictures show the beauty of her face to full advantage.

CG Catwoman
CG Catwoman by Riko
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Member SinceDec 17th 2008
bodyCG v2 type A (original Catwoman)
headCG v2 Catwoman (comic version)
sculpt codeCG18
remarkscustomized by Riko

More pictures (click for larger version)
Selena Selena close up CG Catwoman by Riko

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