Making a 1/6 Scale Clutch

Sylvia holding her clutch

After making a smart phone I had some shiny pearl-white plastic ribbon left, so I turned some of it into a clutch.
Instead of using plastic ribbon, a small piece of leather or pleather should also work (just make sure its color will not leave stains on vinyl hands).

Tools and materials needed:

parts of a DIY clutch

I guesstimated the dimensions of the clutch, using test pieces folded out of paper I picked a size that looks nice without being too tiny or too bulky.
The picture shows a complete clutch folded open on top and below that the parts that make up the outsides.
The grid of the cutting mat on the picture is 10x10mm.

Start by cutting the three parts: one large part for the flap, back, bottom and front and two separate side pieces.
I cut the side pieces slightly too large as cutting things to size afterwards is much easier than trying to line up the edges of the pieces with the edges of the adhesive tape.

The inside of the clutch can be made out of double-sided adhesive foam tape. Since the tape I used is quite thick I used a tall strip in the back and a smaller strip at the bottom/front to make the bottom wider. With thinner tape I would have used a full-height strip for the front and back with a smaller strip in between.
Make the length of foam tape some 5mm more narrow than the width of the main part of the clutch.
Join the layers of adhesive tape together, then wrap the side pieces around the short edges of the tape. The dashed lines on the side pieces on the picture indicate where to fold, a curve rather than a sharp fold will look better.

Carefully fold the main part of the clutch along a ruler (fold lines are indicated by violet lines in the picture), then stick the tape to the inside of the back and wrap the bottom and the front around the tape.

Finally use a tiny dot of glue to fix the flap to the outside of the clutch, I used a bit of clear rubber cement.

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