Captain 'Hush' Aurora
1/6 Scale BBI Perfect Body bodied Cool Girl

Capt. Aurora, full length

A while ago I found a loose BBI Elite Force F-15A pilot 'Burner' in full flight gear. The busy flight gear makes a nice change from the flightsuit-with-jacket that Alexandra is wearing.
The BBI 'Burner' head sculpt was putting me off a bit, so I kept the figure in storage.

In 2011 a number of loose CG heads became available (I'm not sure if these are accurate clones or just factory surplus) including the Aurora head sculpt.
The original Aurora figure is dressed in a space suit with helmet so her head and hair are well suited for wearing a helmet, making the Aurora head an ideal replacement for the BBI Burner head.

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NameCapt. 'Hush' Aurora
Member SinceMay 10th 2011
bodyBBI Perfect Body v1, pale
headCG Aurora
sculpt codeCG06

original BBI Capt. Burner, full length

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