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CG13 V.I.S. In October 2008 Takara released the long awaited CG13 V.I.S. Powerful Interceptor Unit figure, a figure with a complicated suit, a load of weapons and even two different helmets. Hidden underneath her helmet was the only bit of the figure I really liked: a beautiful new head sculpt with asian features.
So I waited patiently for a loose head to be offered on eBay. Then one day a cloned version showed up, this version even came with black hair instead of the original auburn.

So here she is: Kazumi. Like Miyako, she is another Cy Girl that isn't (i.e. none of the parts were ever sold by BBI/Takara).
Just like the head sculpt, the body is also a cloned version, this is an 'enhanced pale' version of the CG v2 type A body. These bodies are almost as good as the original Takara bodies, some of the parts such as the knee joints can be a bit more brittle but the overall quality is fine and all joints are tight.

The kimono is one I had for some time, I have some pictures of Kim wearing the same kimono, but it looks even better on Kazumi if you ask me.

Kazumi as race queen A while ago I ran into some authentic looking Japanese SuperGT race queen costume sets.
As Kazumi had the most friendly asian face in my collection at that time, I decided to dress her up as a race queen.

Some time later I dressed Hitomi in the race queen costume so Kazumi is back to wearing her kimono again.

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NameKazumi  和美 
Member SinceMar 18th 2010
bodyCG v2 enh (pale)
headCG Eris (cloned)

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Kazumi Kazumi as Race Queen

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