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CG Margiana Back in the early 70ies one of my favorite movies was 'the Golden Voyage of Sinbad'. It was one of my favorite movies for two reasons, one being the beautiful Caroline Munro playing the role of slave girl Margiana, the other being the wonderful stop-motion action sequences created by Ray Harryhausen. A while ago I was very happy to find a DVD of this movie.

When I showed pictures of my CG Caroline on the Men With Dolls Forum, a fellow MWD member remarked that Caroline looked like british actress Caroline Munro. So I watched the DVD of 'the Golden Voyage of Sinbad' again and took some screen snaps of Margiana.
One funny thing about the screen snaps is that her eye color appears to be blue whereas Caroline Munro has hazel eyes.
Caroline Munro as Margiana
After watching the movie again I decided that I would love to have a CG Ash wearing some 'arabian' harem or slave costume.

So here she is, my own Margiana, an Ash v2 head on a tan ZC Eve body.
I trimmed the inside edges of the neck hole of the Eve body to improve the range of the neck pin and head.

The costume is from a "Mystic Harem: Candi as Bettie Page" figure, these costumes can be found on eBay.

She doesn't look exactly like the girl in the movie, but with her big eyes and sweet smile she captures the essence well and she is every bit as lovely.

I plan to make her some appropriate jewelry, in the meantime I found her a necklace that looks a bit like one in the movie.

CG Margiana
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bodyZC Eve (tan)
headCG Ash v2
sculpt codeCG01
remarkswidened neck hole for greater range,
bare ZC flat feet

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