1/6 Scale Cool Girl

CG Blaze with blonde curls CG Diane A while ago I got this nude Blaze, the head was repainted and partially rooted with thick strands of wool.
As the wool left a lot of bald spots, I decided to reroot this head.
After removing the strands of wool, I repaired the oversized holes that the root job had left and used the head for my first root trials. Later I removed the hair I applied and did a full reroot with DollyHair.com Mocha Brown saran hair and some Cafe Latte Brown highlights.

In the meantime I used the CG v1.0 body for Destiny. Some time later I got a brand new Destiny CG v1.5 body and kept that for Diane.

CG Diane Recently I was in a creative mood and decided to try and make a cropped jacket out of some purple pleather I had.
So I designed and made the jacket. After it was finished I has a perfect reason for assembling Diane and let her model the jacket.
I had already planned to dress Diane in a nice custom made Little Black Dress I found on eBay.

I had some purple pleather left, so I also made a pair of boot sleeves to go with the jacket.
CG Diane DIY boots

The design of the purple jacket could do with some improvements, so I made another jacket, this time using some metallic red pleather. Later I made some more improvements and did another jacket out of some bright red pleather. CG Diane

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Member SinceMar 28th 2010
bodyCG v1.5 (Destiny)
headCG Blaze (repainted, rerooted)
sculpt codeCG02
remarksbare v1 hands

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Diane Diane Diane
Diane Diane Diane Diane

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