Cy Girl - rerooting hair using interlocking plugs

Before I started my first reroot job I had a close look at the various techniques and also had a look inside some factory rooted heads.
The most commonly mentioned technique (pulling a plug of hair through the head, tying a knot in the end of the plug, securing the knot with a spot of glue, let it cure and pull the plug back until the knot hits the inside of the head) sounded rather tedious and time consuming to me (due to the glue that needs curing). Besides, I like to do things in a way that is easy to undo so that rules out using glue inside a head.
I decided to base my method on pulling folded plugs into the head.
interlocked plugs of hair
One thing I noticed at both the Hinatanao website and by looking inside a ZC head is that the looped plugs can be secured simply by threading the loop of next plug through the loop of the previous one. That way only the final two plugs in a row need to be secured by tying a piece of thread (dental floss or thick thread) through both loops.
Instead of a needle and a thread to pull the hair through the head I decided to use folded pieces of metal wire (mine is 0.05mm thick steel wire).
The metal wire is stiff enough to poke through the holes in the head but can be bent and shaped, which is the only way I could think of to reach the hole in the neck from the lowest roots in back of the head.
I do use a needle to widen some of the holes before trying to poke both ends of the metal wire through.

The method I use has some pro and cons:

Pro: Requires very little space inside the head; each plug remains firmly in place as long as its preceding plug is in place, so only the final plug in a row needs to be tied down.

Con: The split needle will collect any stray hairs crossing its path inside the head, these hairs will be pulled loose when you pull the needle out of the neck hole, ideally you want to pull those hairs back into their original position, otherwise you run the risk of pulling out an entire plug, thereby unlocking the other plugs.
This makes rooting lots of small holes that are close together (such as a parting line) troublesome.

The (now defunct) Brutal Sun Studio website shows a better way to execute this method, a variation on the anchor thread method with using some loose pieces of thread instead of a permanent thread inside the head.
The only things I would change would be:

These steps describe the entire interlocking plug rooting method:

This way even a parting line can be done without problems.

I have yet to take better pictures of the entire sequence, the ones below only show some of the steps.
Note that for the pictures I used dental floss as the monofilament nylon thread I was using ended up completely invisible on the pictures.

Inserting New Hair

picking up thread A wire needle is inserted through a hole in the head, its tip comes out of the neck hole and a helper thread is threaded through the 'eye'. Ready to pull the helper thread through the head.
Note the helper thread on the left for the previous plug, the loop of which protrudes from the neck hole.

loop of thread The loop of the helper thread comes out of the hole, the wire needle has been removed.
Ready for a plug of hair to be threaded through the loop and pulled through the head.

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