2015 Statistics related to my Action Figure pages

Jessica got talent

Pages added in 2015

most popular Action Figure pictures on this site in 2015

  1. Kathy  6471
  2. Jessica and Sylvia  3613
  3. Abigail Whistler  2775
  4. Isis  2141
  5. Claudia  1969
  6. the B-Girls  1478
  7. Sylvia  1407
  8. Ayako  1251
  9. Claudia  1243
  10. Nicky  1085

most popular Action Figure pages on this site in 2015

  1. Claudia  1125
  2. the Honeys  925
  3. Jessica  856
  4. Vera  726
  5. Kathy  577
  6. Abigail Whistler  574
  7. Margiana  545
  8. Sylvia  481
  9. Ice Limited Edition  458
  10. Dream Girl  430

Changes made to Action Figure pages in 2015

Dec  9, 2015Making a 1/6 Scale Hooksome minor changes and additions to text
Dec  1, 2015Hip Joint Repairsome minor changes and additions to text
Nov 24, 2015Kathyadded close up portrait; some minor changes and additions to text
Nov  1, 2015Body Joint Repair
renamed and moved pictures
Oct 20, 2015A mishap with the Ferrariadded new page with a little photo story featuring Angelina and Kelly
Oct 18, 2015CG Bodiessome minor changes and additions to text
Aug 27, 2015CG Accessories and Clothesadded new page listing all how-to-make accessories and clothes items on the various CG pages
Jul  9, 2015Sylviachanged link from one picture to a new picture
Jul  9, 2015Priscillaadded link to picture showing the pose of her hands
Jul  6, 2015Jessicaedited some pictures and added a link to a new portrait
Jun  9, 2015Cy GirlsAdded link to this page, added image and link to Cally and changed the image layout
Jun  7, 2015TTL v1 body modificationsrenamed images
Jun  2, 2015CG BodiesSome minor changes and additions to text, added some links to pictures
Apr 26, 2015PriscillaSome minor changes to text
Apr 20, 2015Pictures of VeraReplaced a picture by a new one
Apr 14, 2015SylviaAdded a link to a full length picture
Mar 30, 2015Making a 1/6 scale PhoneAdded a new page describing how I made a Smart Phone for Jessica
Mar 30, 2015Thoughts and TriviaAdded some more thoughts
Mar 21, 2015CG CareAdded text about keeping pleather away from other plastics
Mar  3, 2015Pictures of JessicaNew pictures of Jessica
Feb 28, 2015CG CareSome minor changes to text and layout
Feb 19, 2015Pictures of VeraAdded a new picture
Feb 10, 2015VeraSome small additions to text, changed dimensions of a picture
Feb  7, 2015NathalieAdded picture of repainted face
Feb  4, 2015CG BodiesAdded link to picture of description on box of CG v1.5 Flame
Jan 31, 2015Rerooting HairCorrected text about 'tension method'
Jan 31, 2015Pictures of VeraReplaced a picture by a new one
Jan 17, 2015the HoneysMoved group picture to top of page
Jan 17, 2015Rerooting HairAdded link to tutorial on 'tension method'
Jan 17, 2015Thoughts and TriviaAdded link to Statistics page
Jan 16, 2015CG BodiesAdded link to picture of different postures to CG v2 body section

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