1/6 Scale Cool Girl

Cool Girl Flame in box Flame was the first Cool Girl action figure I bought.
Hobby Link Japan had Takara Cool Girl Flame listed discounted on their Sale page for quite a while, and since I was looking for a fully posable figure and was really impressed with the realistic face on the sales picture I bought one.
When Flame arrived she turned out to be not as posable as I expected: being a v1 body her elbows and knees only bend through 90 degrees and her lower body from the torso down is a single piece, so she can't really bend her back.
In all Flame is a beautiful figure and an absolutely gorgeous redhead, but did not suit my initial plans.

This Flame is the Takara version of BBI Blaze. There are some differences between the two versions, Flame has a darker more reddish shade of hair and this particular version is a late release with a v1.5 body with removable and slightly taller ankle cups (the early v1 bodies have short ankle cups that are fixed to the legs).

Capt.Burner Flame ended up all-right: at first I did not know what to do with her as I couldn't use her for posing and I did not particularly like the look of her police assault team costume.
After a while I found a USAF F-15 female pilot costume, added a HGU-55/P lightweight helmet and dressed her up as a pilot.
The name tag on the uniform reads "Burner capt. USAF", quite an appropriate nickname.
I plan to change the badges on her costume into Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLu) badges, swap her helmet for a gray Dragon HGU-55/P and turn her into a KLu F-16 fighter pilot but for now she stands proudly among the (much smaller) aircraft models in my display cabinet.

After the pictures on the right were taken I gave her a Cy Girl style Manicure so she looks even better now.

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Member SinceJun 5th 2004
bodyCG v1.5 (original Flame)
headCG Flame
sculpt codeCG02
remarks'CG manicured' hands

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Capt.Burner Capt.Burner

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