2012 Statistics related to my Action Figure pages

CG Nina

Pages added in 2012

most popular Action Figure pictures on this site in 2012

  1. Margiana  1331
  2. Melody  931
  3. Nicky  828
  4. Kazumi  774
  5. Claudia  761
  6. Margiana  751
  7. Evie  631
  8. Nathalie  576
  9. Evelyn  497
  10. Jessica  483

most popular Action Figure pages on this site in 2012

  1. Margiana  792
  2. the Honeys  682
  3. Dream Girl  227
  4. Anne  208
  5. Floyd  168
  6. Sylvia  164
  7. Abigail Whistler  164
  8. Kathy  151
  9. Claudia  103
  10. Andrea  50

Changes made to Action Figure pages in 2012

Dec 15, 2012CG v2 Style Hip JointAdded new picture and some text
Nov 30, 2012VeraAdded new pictures and added more text
Nov 11, 2012JessicaAdded Pictures of Jessica and new picture pages
Nov  3, 2012NinaMoved info about 'Removing a Barbie head' to B-Girls page
Nov  3, 2012LizMoved info about 'Adapter for fitting Barbie head to CG neck pin' to B-Girls page
Nov  3, 2012SylviaMoved info about 'Adapting a CG neck to a Barbie head' to B-Girls page
Nov  3, 2012AndreaMoved info about 'Heads compared' to B-Girls page
Nov  3, 2012B-GirlsAdded new page
Nov  3, 2012Action Figures, CareAdded new page and added link to list on CG Main page
Oct 29, 2012VeraAdded new picture and added more text
Oct 21, 2012Thoughts and TriviaAdded some more thoughts
Oct 14, 2012Painting FacesAdded text and pictures to gaining experience section
Sep 12, 2012Various PagesAdded new pages for Nina, Dinah, Angelina and Kelly
Aug  5, 2012Various PagesMoved 'New Left Arm' info from page of Claudia to page of Vera
Aug  2, 2012ClaudiaAdded text and pictures about fitting new lower legs, added some more pictures to Pictures of Claudia; mentioned Claudia's new legs on Thoughts and Trivia page and added link to CG Repairs and Enhancements page
Jul 28, 2012VeraAdded new page and added a note to Thoughts and Trivia page
Jul 28, 2012PattyAdded new page
Jul 21, 2012CG MainChanged list of pictures to be displayed randomly
Jul 20, 2012LizAdded new skateboard pictures and face sculpt info
Jul 20, 2012JessicaAdded Barbie box code and face sculpt info
Jul 16, 2012TTL body joint repairAdded green borders to pictures and made some changes to text
Jul 16, 2012TTL v1 body modificationsAdded text for 'Trimming the top of the thighs'
May  6, 2012Fixing Broken Ankle Cup PostMinor changes to text
Apr 17, 2012Various PagesAdded links to Replacing hair page to pages of Daphne, Diane and Caitlin
Apr 17, 2012Replacing hairAdded new picture and a lot more text
Apr 17, 2012CG Repairs and EnhancementsAdded new page, added link to list on CG Main page and added note to Thoughts and Trivia page
Apr  8, 2012CG v2 Style Hip JointAdded new page
Apr  8, 2012Fixing Wobbly FeetAdded jump-table to top of page
Apr  8, 2012JessicaMoved text about 'Firming up knee joints' to Knee Repair page
Mar 30, 2012LizAdded new picture
Mar 11, 2012Various PagesAdded new pages for TTL body joint repair and Hitomi
Mar 11, 2012Fixing Broken Ankle Cup PostAdded new page and added link to list on CG Main page
Feb 16, 2012KathyAdded new pictures
Feb 10, 2012AndreaCorrected type of DML body
Feb  8, 2012IrisAdded new page
Feb  7, 2012Replacing hairAdded new pages and added link to list on CG Main page
Jan 15, 2012Upgrading CG v1 handsAdded picture and text on differences between versions of CG hands
Jan 15, 2012ClaudiaAdded text and pictures about 'making a hook'
Jan 10, 2012JessicaAdded new pictures and text

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