Cy Girl Fixing Wobbly Feet

Cool Girls don't come with real feet, but Cy Girl Perfect Bodies, ZC Eves and several CG clones do and there are also some aftermarket feet and shoes with separate pegs available.
With some of these feet the ankle peg fits slightly wobbly, making the figure stand unstable. Don't worry, this can be fixed.

Tools and materials needed:

fixing wobbly feet
Left to right: UTP cable sleeve, foot with wobbly peg (note gap), peg with ring, foot without peg, foot with peg and ring inserted.
Warm the foot slightly, then pop the peg out of the foot.
Take a short piece of electrical cable with a thin and flexible outer sleeve and about the same diameter as the peg in the foot (UPT network cable is perfect for this).
preparing to fit PVC ring over peg
Pull the outer sleeve off the cable and cut some rings off of one end, the rings should be about 2.5mm (0.1in) wide.
stretching PVC ring
Take one of the rings and make it wider by gently stretching it over a tapered object such as a ballpoint pen (I use an old Parker Jotter for this).
fitting PVC ring over peg
Work the stretched ring over the mushroom head of the peg until it is completely over the neck of the peg.
Wait a couple of minutes until the ring regains its old shape, then warm the foot slightly and push the peg back into the foot, working the ring down between the foot and the peg.
The end result should look like the foot on the right on the picture on the top of the page, with the soft ring filling all of the gap between the foot and the peg.

Fixing loose pegs in ZC sneakers

ZC sneakers with pegs
ZC sneakers come without pegs, so you need to find your own, OJI FemBasix feet are perfect for this.
The sneakers are rather stiff, with regular length pegs there is hardly any range of motion left in the ankle joint, with the tall spare FemBasix pegs the joint moves higher up so the range of motion for the ankle joint increases slightly.
Any pegs I tried fitted rather wobbly in these sneakers, so I fixed this in the same way as described above, only this time using thicker PVC tubing instead of rather thin UTP cable sleeve.
One thing I did not fix: if you look closely at the pair of sneakers on the righthand picture you will notice that the peg in the lefthand sneaker (on the right in the picture) fits deeper inside the shoe than the one in the righthand sneaker, this is a production error in the sneakers. The best way to fix this is to carefully deepen the hole in the righthand sneaker, but this will make the peg fit even more wobbly.

Another way of fitting these sneakers is by making custom ankle pegs. This way the fit, depth difference and the limited range of motion can be dealt with.

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