1/6 Scale BBI Perfect Body v1.5 bodied Cool Girl

CG PB Patty BBI have their own Cy Girl Perfect Body series.
In 2005 BBI released a pair of new PB figures with new head sculpts and improved bodies, including a lovely 'Caucasian' figure.
BBI made two series, the colors of the clothes and the heads differ between the series. The first series came with red hair and blue-gray eyes, the second series came with auburn hair and emerald green eyes, Patty is from the first series.
Another difference between the series is the rooting pattern of the hair, with the first series the rooting pattern runs down across the forehead, with the second series the forehead is left clear.

There is quite some variation in the way the faces of these PB figures are printed, with Patty the look on her face is sweeter, more mellow than the naughty expression of Kathy, my other PB v1.5.

I dressed Patty in a pair of OJI FemBasix black pleather jeans and an OJI FemBasix denim jacket and put her on a NewRay 1/6 scale Ducati 998 motorbike.
CG PB Patty

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bodyPB v1.5 'Caucasian'
headPB v1.5 first series

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