2013 Statistics related to my Action Figure pages

CG Helena

Pages added in 2013

most popular Action Figure pictures on this site in 2013

  1. Kathy  2637
  2. Claudia  1379
  3. Jessica  1371
  4. Nicky  1208
  5. Claudia  1163
  6. Claudia  921
  7. Sylvia  917
  8. Abby   908
  9. Vera  899
  10. Margiana  874

most popular Action Figure pages on this site in 2013

  1. Claudia  1200
  2. Vera  993
  3. Dream Girl  679
  4. the Honeys  645
  5. Margiana  602
  6. Abigail Whistler  257
  7. Anne  238
  8. Sylvia  213
  9. Kathy  202
  10. Jessica  136

Changes made to Action Figure pages in 2013

Dec 31, 2013My GirlsAdded Danielle, Priscilla, Harley, Ayako and Tessa
Dec 31, 2013DanielleAdded new page
Dec 27, 2013JessicaAdded new picture
Dec 23, 2013JessicaAdded new picture page to Pictures of Jessica
Dec 22, 2013PriscillaAdded link to portrait picture
Dec  8, 2013Favorite CG PicsAdded Abigail Whistler and B-Girls pictures
Nov 28, 2013JessicaAdded picture of Barbie box
Nov 27, 2013ClaudiaAdded text about skin colored knee joints
Nov 24, 2013SylviaAdded new picture
Nov 24, 2013JessicaAdded some text, moved bubble wrap picture to separate page
Nov  9, 2013Airman FloydAdded picture of GI Joe Tuskegee Airman box
Nov  8, 2013Martha JonesAdded link to IMDb page of Freema Agyeman
Sep  4, 2013JessicaReplaced picture with new picture
Sep  1, 2013PriscillaAdded new picture
Sep  1, 2013JessicaAdded new picture page to Pictures of Jessica
Aug 18, 2013AyakoAdded new pictures
Aug 10, 2013CG BodiesAdded link to Jimbob Wan's website
Aug  7, 2013TessaAdded new page
Aug  7, 2013Various PagesLinked body types to new CG Bodies page
Aug  7, 2013CG BodiesAdded new page
Aug  5, 2013CG MainChanged list of pictures to be displayed randomly
Jul  5, 2013CG CareAdded info on stained ZC Eve bodies
Jul  5, 2013Spares-box SweetheartsAdded info on dislocated ZC Eve knee
Jun 23, 2013Thoughts and TriviaAdded some more thoughts and added Vera to my list of Favorite Girls
Jun  8, 2013Spares-box SweetheartsAdded new page
Jun  8, 2013Dream Girl IceAdded picture of Monica Potter
Jun  5, 2013ClaudiaAdded new pictures
May 31, 2013AyakoAdded new page
May 23, 2013HelenaAdded new page and added link to page on B-Girls page
May 19, 2013AndreaMinor changes to page layout
Mar 18, 2013VeraAdded text about broken knee joint and link to new picture
Mar 2-6, 2013Various PagesAdded links to new scale modeling tools page
Feb 24, 2013Converting LM feet to fit Triad Alpha anklesAdded new page
Feb  6, 2013NinaAdded new pictures
Jan 26, 2013PriscillaAdded info and picture of Barbie box
Jan 22, 2013HarleyAdded new page
Jan  1, 2013PriscillaAdded new page

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