Angelina Smith
1/6 Scale Ladies Mission bodied Cool Girl

LM Angelina Smith, full length The Skynet Ladies Mission figures stand out among female action figures because of the highly detailed faces, it took years before companies like Triad and TTL were able to match the level of detail found on the LM faces.
There are only a few head sculpts in the LM series and these are used over and over again whereas body types and hair colors vary between releases.
Most Ladies Mission figures are named and often a single name is used for figures with the same head sculpt.

In 2007 Skynet released a pair of 'Rider Suit' figures in their 'Ladies Mission Basic Infantry' series, one of these was this version of Angelina Smith dressed in a bikers outfit with a classic 'Harley Davidson' look.

Her body is the improved 2nd version with double-jointed elbows and a slightly smaller chest, this is the same type of body that is widely available as a loose nude body, often referred to as 'Generic Ladies Mission Body'.

ID picture




NameAngelina Smith
Member SinceJun 26th 2007
seriesLadies Mission 'Rider Suit A' (Basic Infantry Series Nr.9, cat nr.07626)
bodyLadies Mission v2
headoriginal Ladies Mission

A while ago Angelina and Kelly had a mishap with a Ferrari.

LM Angelina Smith

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