Cy Girl Fixing Broken Ankle Cup Post

ankle cup with broken post The 'enhanced' CG v2 bodies come with ankle cups made from a more brittle type of plastic than those of original CG bodies, if you remove the cup from the leg and then try to remove the ankle ball from the cup you might end up breaking the post.
This is fairly easy to repair though.

Tools and materials needed:

drilling 1.5mm holes for threaded rod Use the pin vise with the 1.5mm drill bit to drill a hole of about 5mm deep into the center of the post, starting at the broken end.
Then drill a hole all the way through the center of the cup starting at the location of the post and going straight down to the little hole inside the ankle cup.
Cut a length of 12mm of threaded rod, slightly round off the edge of one end and cut a small slot into the tip at the other end. Insert the rounded end into the hole inside the post, insert the blade of the screwdriver into the slot in the wire and gently screw the wire into the hole until the wire is 5mm into the post.
wire screwed into post Now insert the other end of the wire into the hole in the top of the ankle cup and screw the two parts together. Stop when the post and the cup touch, then adjust the angle of the post to match the original angle (compare to other ankle cup, check the scar on the ankle cup or line up the mold seams on the cup and the post).
cup assembled Apply some Plastic Weld glue to the join between the cup and the post. If there is a gap, cut some small snips of plastic (use the bits of plastic that were removed when drilling the holes) stuff those snips into the gap and apply some glue.

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