2011 Statistics related to my Action Figure pages

CG Ashley

Pages added in 2011

most popular Action Figure pictures on this site in 2011

  1. Margiana  1318
  2. Kim  1281
  3. Nicky  945
  4. Kazumi  846
  5. Caroline  768
  6. Sylvia  689
  7. Anne  602
  8. Emma  552
  9. Caitlin  488
  10. Claudia  464

most popular Action Figure pages on this site in 2011

  1. the Honeys  503
  2. Anne  416
  3. Dream Girl Ice  400
  4. Margiana  386
  5. Selena  287
  6. Kathy  262
  7. Andrea  150
  8. Alex a.k.a. capt. Burner  128
  9. Claudia  113
  10. Floyd   94

Changes made to Action Figure pages in 2011

Dec  8, 2011Painting FacesAdded text about 'Painting perfect eyebrows'
Dec  8, 2011Improving Stiletto Boot Feet ShapeAdded new picture
Dec  5, 2011Abigail WhistlerAdded 'Making a belt buckle' to page
Dec  3, 2011LizAdded new page and added Liz to My Girls page
Oct 25, 2011Favorite CG PicsChanged background color of page
Oct 10, 2011ClaudiaReplaced a picture, moved old one to pictures of Claudia page
Sep  5, 2011Favorite CG PicsAdded picture of Jessica
Aug 29, 2011CG MainAdded 'Firming up floppy knee joints' (on Jessica page) to list on main page
Aug 29, 2011JessicaAdded new page and added Jessica to My Girls page
Aug 27, 2011SylviaAdded info about modifying a CG neck to fit a Barbie head
Aug  4, 2011SylviaAdded some new pictures
Aug  3, 2011Thoughts and TriviaAdded Sylvia to list of my Favorite Girls
Aug  3, 2011Favorite CG PicsAdded picture of Sylvia
Jul 25, 2011KazumiAdded pictures of Kazumi dressed as Race Queen
Jul 18, 2011MidoriChanged picture
Jul 12, 2011Various PagesAdded pages for Sylvia and Captain 'Hush' Aurora; added these new Girls to My Girls page
Jun 20, 2011Action FiguresAdded some text
Jun 16, 2011Cutey HoneysAdded new picture
Jun 14, 2011Various PagesAdded pages for Ashley, Honey Kisaragi, Isis, Abigail Whistler and Martha Jones; added these new Girls to My Girls page; moved Vicky to Isis page
Jun 14, 2011Action FiguresAdded text about A new display cabinet' with a clickable picture
Apr 24, 2011YumikoAdded some text; added 'Adding magnets to bootfeet' (on Yumiko page) to list on main page
Apr 23, 2011DaphneAdded new picture
Apr 21, 2011Thoughts and TriviaAdded Emma to list of my Favorite Girls
Apr 21, 2011Favorite CG PicsChanged text for Andrea
Apr 19, 2011Painting FacesAdded note about using M-Bear for practice
Apr 19, 2011CG MainChanged list of pictures for random display
Apr 17, 2011CG MainChanged method for displaying new picture, now using Javascript timeout instead of a page reload
Apr  2, 2011CG MainAdded title to pictures
Mar 25, 2011Favorite CG PicsAdded new page and put links on CG main page, My Girls page and a mention on Thoughts and Trivia page
Feb 18, 2011Thoughts and TriviaAdded javascript to display portraits of my Favorite Girls
Feb 14, 2011Cutey HoneysMinor changes in text for Melody

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