1/6 Scale Ladies Mission Custom

LM Iris The Old Joe Infirmary aka OJIToys does some custom FemBasix head sculpts, this Mia sculpt is a particularly nice one.
FemBasix heads fit equally well on a CG as on an LM body so I decided to put it on a Triad S1 body (which is similar to a generic LM v2 body apart from the ball-jointed ankles).

I found a complete set of Ladies Mission Bomber Jacket B clothes on eBay, these clothes were the first Ladies Mission clothes made for the LM v2 body.
The clothes complement the tough look on her face nicely.

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Member SinceSep 6th 2007
bodyTriad S1
headFemBasix Mia, tan skin, black hair
remarksCG hands
LM Iris, full length

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