Cy Girl - Improving Stiletto Boot Feet Shape

Some Cool Girls come with stiletto heeled boot feet, Triad Toys also sells similar looking feet.
These feet look a bit bulky, but fortunately the material is thick enough to sand the bulkiest parts down to a more elegant shape.

Tools and materials needed:

improving boot foot shape
Left: original stiletto boot foot. Right: improved shape.
Using the Philips screwdriver, disassemble the foot and put the sole aside.
Sand the parting lines smooth.
Sand the 'toes' of the foot down a bit so the boot sleeve won't extend beyond the edge of the sole.
Sand the curve at the top of the foot a bit down. With white feet you can check the remaining thickness of the plastic by holding it against a bright light source, if the plastic becomes translucent then there's not much left !
When you're satisfied with the shape, put the foot back together again.
The end result should look like the foot on the right on the picture.
Below is a picture of the original bootfoot superimposed on the modified one to show the difference more clearly. The grid on the background is 10x10mm.
improved boot foot shape

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