2010 Statistics related to my Action Figure pages

CG Evelyn

Pages added in 2010

most popular Action Figure pictures on this site in 2010

  1. Patty  596
  2. Nicky  496
  3. Andrea  438
  4. Evie  418
  5. Diane  395
  6. Andrea  328
  7. Evelyn  319
  8. Miyako  311
  9. Ayako  252
  10. Caroline  182

most popular Action Figure pages on this site in 2010

  1. the Honeys  91
  2. Dream Girl Ice  87
  3. Anne  48
  4. Floyd   16
  5. Nathalie   11
  6. Caroline   9
  7. Selena  8
  8. Claudia  8
  9. Andrea  5
  10. Midori  4

Changes made to Action Figure pages in 2010

Dec 18, 2010AbbyReplaced pictures
Dec 14, 2010Various PagesPut new CG logo on 'ID cards' on all pages
Nov 17, 2010AbbyAdded new page
Nov  7, 2010More pictures of NickyAdded new picture
Nov  1, 2010Action FiguresAdded text about affordable copycats
Sep 25, 2010DaphneAdded new picture and note about new body
Sep 25, 2010EmmaAdded new picture
Sep 22, 2010ClaudiaAdded new picture, moved some pictures to new page
Sep  3, 2010IceMinor changes to text
Aug 23, 2010AnneAdded link to new picture of Caitlin
Aug 21, 2010Pictures of EvelynAdded more pictures
Aug 19, 2010AnneAdded pictures and description of Firming up CG v2 ankles to page and link on CG Main page
Aug 18, 2010Action Figure related LinksAdded link for Dollsfigure
Aug 18, 2010Pictures of EvelynAdded new page
Aug 18, 2010AnneAdded pictures and description of Evelyn, Caitlin and 'Making a daisy chain' to page
Aug  4, 2010Cutey HoneysAdded link to original picture of Gemma Atkinson
Jul 17, 2010Cutey HoneysRenamed Gina to Gemma, replaced some pictures and added a picture of Gemma Atkinson for comparison
Jul  4, 2010Various PagesAdded head sculpt codes to 'ID cards' for all Cy Girls
May 29, 2010Various PagesAdded new pages for Yumiko and Angela
May 17, 2010Cutting down ZC ankle cupsAdded picture of threaded wire
May 15, 2010My GirlsMoved links to individual pages from CG Main page to new 'My Girls' thumbnails page
May 15, 2010Various PagesAdded base target to headers of all pages to open links on new pages
May 15, 2010EvieAdded more pictures and text to page
May 15, 2010Fixing Wobbly FeetAdded more pictures and added 'Fixing loose pegs in ZC sneakers' info to page
Apr  7, 2010IceAdded pictures and description of Blanche to page
Mar 29, 2010Various PagesAdded new pages for Kazumi, Diane and Emma
Mar 26, 2010Cutey HoneysAdded some new pictures and a note about new boots for Gina
Mar 24, 2010TTL v1 body modificationsAdded more text and pictures
Mar 21, 2010TTL v1 body modificationsAdded new page and added link to CG Main page
Mar 17, 2010Painting FacesAdded new page and added link to CG Main page
Feb 28, 2010Knee RepairAdded 'Repairing a CG v2 knee' to page
Feb 24, 2010ClaudiaAdded new picture and text about new hand
Feb 22, 2010Various PagesAdded more info to 'ID cards' of Alex (aka capt. Burner), Cutey Honeys, Midori and Catwoman Selena
Feb 16, 2010AndreaAdded new pictures
Feb 14, 2010Thoughts and TriviaAdded some info about the site
Jan 30, 2010Removing a Neck Post from a HeadAdded size of Triad S1 neck post to table of neck sizes
Jan  9, 2010MiyakoAdded new page and added link to CG Main page

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