1/6 Scale Cool Girl

Ashley In 2005 and 2006 Takara did some new versions of popular earlier releases, one of these was 'Wild Vamp' Ash (CG-EX3) which in itself was a special edition of the regular Kat (CG-02, sold by Takara as Ash).
This rerelease of Ash was given a more elaborate costume with a long wide black leather coat with metal wires sewn in to allow for dynamic poses.
I left the long coat in the box, wearing that wide coat she just takes up too much space in my display cabinet.
In my opinion the best feature of the Ash v2 release is the sweet face, Takara reused the tan CG01 Kat head sculpt but changed the cheeky glance of Kat into an absolute sweetheart.

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Member SinceMar 17th 2006
bodyoriginal CG v2 (tan)
headoriginal CG Ash v2
sculpt codeCG01
remarksfitted Geomag magnets to bootfeet

CG Ashley

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