1/6 Scale ERTL bodied Cool Girl

CG Caroline Takara did some new 'Best of CG' versions of popular earlier releases, one of these was Ash.

I like the sweet smiling face of the rereleased Ash and since these heads can be frequently found on eBay, I bought one.
The eyes on this particular head had mis-aligned pupils but fortunately the pupils were quite small so I used a toothpick and some black Vallejo acrylic paint to widen and center the pupils. Once dry Vallejo paint has a flat finish, so after the paint had dried I carefully rubbed it with a fingertip to make it as glossy as the rest of the eyes.

Ash has a tan that differs from the shade of tan of the v1 bodies and tan v2 bodies are really hard to find. I was about to buy a tan ZC Eve to combine with this head when I noticed that the nude headless ERTL Turkey Huntress body in my spares box matched the skintone of the Ash head nicely.
So I took the ERTL body, reshaped the neck post, cleaned up all of the seams and sanded the entire body with a grade 1800 (micro-fine) 3M polishing pad to get rid of the glossy finish of the body parts.
I decided not to replace those funny ERTL feet (the joints are tight enough to keep her upright) so I gave her some boots to wear. These feet are perfect for boots, they slip right in !

So there you have it: take a cross-eyed head and a body that was relegated to the spares box, apply a bit of work and TLC and you end up with a gorgeous little brunette.

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bodyERTL 'Turkey Huntress' (CG v1 lookalike)
headCG v2 Ash
sculpt codeCG01
remarksconverted neck post
sanded body

The jeans are from FemBasix and so are the boots.
The boots used to be white before I painted 'm a leather-like brown (again using Vallejo acrylics and again buffing the paint with a fingertip).

CG Caroline
Painted FemBasix boots

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