1/6 Scale ZC bodied Cool Girl

ZG Evie The ZC 'Eve' body has a lot of features that sofar only Takara's CG v2 bodies had: ankles with ball joints in removable cups, complicated ball-shaped hip joints, ball-shaped wrists and the entire lower part of the body are all identical to CG v2.
There are also some differences: the knees are double jointed and the upper body consists of a very slim section over which a soft PVC torso sleeve is fitted.
It looks like ZC used a leg design similar to the CG v2 and then extended the thigh with a double jointed hinge for the knee, this adds about half an inch to the already tall legs.
The torso sleeve around the upper body can be replaced. To replace the sleeve the arms need to be pulled out of the body at the shoulders.
The ankle cups come in two lengths: tall and even taller. The ankle cups are supposed to be removable but fit so tightly to the legs that you're likely to damage either the legs or the cups while trying.
The overall quality is a bit below CG v2 standards, but not by much, whereas the price of the 'nude Eve' figures is slightly higher than BBI's PB figures. Overall, you get a very well articulated figure for a reasonable price.

I've used a couple of ZC 'nude Eve' bodies for other figures (Kathy and Margiana) without putting a complete Eve on display simply because I did not like the expression on the Eve heads.
The expression on Evies face is slightly better, although she does look a bit bored.

ZC Evie The way her eyes look up and her flexible back make her ideally suited for lying down, so that's how I put her in my display cabinet.

ZC Evie wearing sneakers ZC made some nice looking sneakers in 4 different colors, so I changed her tall silver boots for some blue ZC sneakers. These sneakers are solid inside and come with holes for ankle pegs, but are sold without pegs.
ZC feet and boots don't come with separate pegs and the pegs of other brands fit rather loose in these sneakers, so I fixed this in the same way as I fixed wobbly foot pegs: by fitting a slice of PVC tubing around the peg.
Later I made custom pegs for Daisy to allow for a greater range of movement, but sofar I have not made a pair of these pegs for Evie.

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ZC Evie wearing black pleather shorts Here she is wearing a pair of black pleather shorts I made myself. I actually made the shorts for a CG "v3" body and was surprised to see that the hips and bum of a ZC Eve body are slightly smaller: the shorts fit rather tight on a "v3" but fit easily over FemBasix pantyhose on Evie.

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ZC Evie ZC Evie ZC Evie wearing black pleather shorts

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