1/6 Scale customized Ladies Mission bodied Cool Girl

LM Nathalie For Nathalie I used a Ladies Mission slim body, made by Aoshima/Skynet, instead of a Cy Girl body.
The hips and chest of this body are extra slim, however the waist section is identical to regular LM bodies so her waist is not as slim as you would expect, the Azone skirt she is wearing barely fits around her waist.

The neck post of these LM bodies is 1.5mm taller than that of a CG body, so if you fit a CG compatible head it will wobble. I fixed this with a small collar fitted around the neck post.

I considered replacing the ankles of this body with ankle cups but so far I haven't done so: these slender ankles are nicely detailed, so I'd rather not replace them with straight tubing if it is not absolutely necessary. The flange type ankles of this body appear to be too weak to keep a dressed figure standing upright, but it looks like the tight pantyhose she is wearing helps to keep the ankles in the upright position.
Another way to firm up the ankles would be to insert a strip of cardboard.

Ruby head, original paint job
The head is a cloned CG Ruby head I bought on eBay.
I painted the mouth myself because I did not like the look of the stock paint job, I do like the finely printed eyelashes though.
Ruby head, repainted mouth

So here she is: Nathalie, a lovely little office girl.
LM Nathalie LM Nathalie

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bodyLadies Mission Slim
headCG Ruby (cloned)
remarksrepainted mouth
neckpin adapted for CG head

Adapting a LM neckpost to a CG head

adapter ring for LM neck post The neck post of these LM bodies is 1.5mm taller than that of a CG body (CG neck post measures 3.0mm from the lower edge of the arrowhead of the post to the upper edge of the neck, with LM bodies this is 4.5mm), so if you fit a CG compatible head it will wobble.
I extended the base of the arrowhead by 1.5mm like this:
I cut a 1.5mm thick slice of tubing (Plastruct TB-8, 6.4mm diameter), enlarged the center hole to 4.0mm and cut the ring open at one side. After that I bent the ring open slightly, fitted it around the neck post, bent it back into shape and attached it to the base of the arrowhead with some CA (superglue). I used CA for this because it does not dissolve the plastics used, so the ring can be removed later without damaging the neck post.

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