Earliest statistics related to my Action Figure pages

one of the earliest pictures of Nicky

The beginning

The Action Figures section of my site started out as just a couple of pictures to accompany the messages I posted on the Men With Dolls forum.
The next step was to make some simple web pages displaying those pictures, nickypics being the first one.
When I added some more figures to my collection and began trying out some enhancements and repairs the MWD messages began to grow longer and more complex, so I started writing web pages which I then converted to MWD posts.
At first most of those pages were just lingering on my pc (that's why the 'Created' date on the pages may differ from the 'date added' on these stats pages) but in March 2009 I decided to upload the lot as an 'Action Figures' section with a front page linking to all the sofar loose pages.

When I started modifying and repairing figures I noted down the repairs and enhancements, again both on web pages and in MWD posts, which is how the individual figure pages came to be. Floyd was the first figure (after Nicky) to get his own page.
In May 2010 I added the first version of the 'My Girls' thumbnails page.

Note that the pages linked above are copies of the original old pages, so some of the links on those pages may not work anymore.


Pages added before 2010

most popular Action Figure pictures on this site in 2009

  1. Caroline  519
  2. Nicky  483
  3. Nicky  470
  4. Theresa  448
  5. Margiana  365
  6. Claudia  341
  7. Anne  321
  8. Melody  299
  9. Andrea  283
  10. Nathalie  282

Changes made to Action Figure pages before 2010

Dec 28, 2009AndreaAdded new page and added link to Cy Girl Main page
Dec 19, 2009MargianaAdded new picture
Dec 12, 2009DaphneAdded new picture
Dec 12, 2009Cutey HoneysAdded new picture and some text
Dec  9, 2009DaphneAdded new page and added link to Cy Girl Main page
Dec  8, 2009Thoughts and TriviaAdded some trivia about rooted Cy Girl hair
Nov 25, 2009NathalieAdded new page and added link to Cy Girl Main page
Nov 25, 2009Various PagesAdded 'ID cards' to descriptions of all Cy Girls
Nov 23, 2009ClaudiaAdded 'New left arm' and 'Making the boots' sections to page
Nov 17, 2009Action FiguresAdded '5 years on section with clickable group picture and added a note about that on the Thoughts and Trivia page
Nov 17, 2009EvieAdded new page and added link to Cy Girl Main page
Nov 17, 2009Cutey HoneysAdded picture and description of Wendy to page
Sep  2, 2009Action FiguresAdded picture of boxed Ice
Sep  1, 2009Upgrading Cy Girl v1 handsAdded a cross-section drawing to each step
Aug 19, 2009AnneAdded new page and added link to Cy Girl Main page
Aug 12, 2009MargianaAdded new page and added link to Cy Girl Main page
Aug  5, 2009MicroMan CatwomanAdded new page and linked page to picture on links page
Jul 11, 2009IceAdded pictures and description of Vicky to page
Jun 29, 2009Cutey HoneysAdded text for Melody and pictures and description of Gina to page
May 18, 2009Removing a Neck Post from a HeadAdded new page and added link to Cy Girl Main page
May 10, 2009ClaudiaAdded headers to sections, added text about skateboard and keeping her the way she is
May  5, 2009Cutey HoneyAdded text about 'Kisaragi Honey' and 'Princess Jun Shiratori' heads
May  3, 2009Ankle Cup ReplacementRewrote text, replaced some of the pictures
Apr 27, 2009Various PagesAdded page for Catwoman Selena, added link to Cy Girl Main page and added link to Riko's World to Links page
Apr 24-25, 2009All PagesMade HTML fully compliant with HTML 4.01 standard and using UTF-8 character set.
Apr 22, 2009Airman FloydAdded new picture
Apr 19, 2009IceAdded text about upgrading the hands of Nicky
Apr 18, 2009Pictures of KimAdded new picture
Apr  6, 2009ClaudiaAdded new picture and some text
Apr  6, 2009Pictures of NickyAdded new picture, changed page layout
Apr  3, 2009Action FiguresChanged page layout
Apr  2, 2009CarolineAdded some text
Mar 31, 2009Midori WashioAdded some text
Mar 19, 2009Various PagesAdded pages for Floyd (and Destiny), Alex (aka capt. Burner), Caroline, Claudia, Cutey Honey (Cutey Harley and Melody), Ice (Nicky, Kristy and Kim), Midori (and Chidori), Kathy and Theresa; added Pictures of Kim, Thoughts and Trivia, Improving Stiletto Boot Feet Shape and Cutting down ZC ankle cups pages and added links to all these pages on Cy Girl Main page
Feb 16, 2009Fixing Broken Ankle PegsAdded new page and added link to Cy Girl Main page
Feb  8, 2009Various PagesAdded Cy Girl Main page, Cy Girl style Manicure and Upgrading Cy Girl v1 hands pages
Feb  6, 2009Fixing Wobbly FeetAdded new page
Feb  2, 2009Ankle Cup ReplacementAdded making a v2 ankle cup
Jan 13, 2008Ankle Cup ReplacementAdded link to Warlordskeep tutorial
Oct 19, 2007Ankle Cup ReplacementAdded new page
Sep 16, 2007Knee RepairAdded new page
Dec 19, 2006Pictures of NickyChanged page layout
Nov 27, 2006Pictures of NickyAdded new picture
Aug 12, 2006Pictures of NickyAdded new picture
Feb 11, 2006More pictures of NickyAdded new page
Jan 28, 2006Pictures of NickyAdded new page

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