1/6 Scale Ladies Mission bodied Cool Girl

LM Angela, full length Angela is one of the figures that I use for testing, in this case I use her for testing if the DIY ankle cups retain their shape and grip.
She has a generic Ladies Mission body that I carefully cleaned up by smoothing all seams.
I replaced the flange-type ankles with DIY ankle cups (without pegs) which I attached to the legs with Cyano Acrylate glue (Superglue).

I put her in a tight bodysuit to show off her seamless body, fitted her with FemBasix pumps and gave her a soda pop can in her hand because the gripping right hand looks a bit silly when empty.

I regularly check if the ankles retain their grip, sofar so good !
After noticing that another ankle cup I use for testing broke I decided to be more careful with the ankle cups I fitted to Angela: now I just leave her standing upright and check her pose once in a while.

ID picture




Member SinceOct 12th 2008
bodyLadies Mission v2
headFemBasix Lia, fair skin, blonde hair
remarksbody cleaned up
ankles replaced with DIY ankle cups

LM Angela, potrait

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