Isn't she lovely
my favorite pics of Nicky

late at night, hugging her teddy bear
Late at night, hugging her teddy bear. Oct 1, 2007

watching a TV movie
Watching a TV movie. Nov 27, 2006

My favorite pic sofar
A warm summer day, my favorite pic sofar. Sep 19, 2005

Nicky holding her bear
Holding her teddy bear. Apr 6, 2009

hugging her teddy bear Nicky hugging her bear
Hugging her teddy bear.

Flowers to celebrate our first anniversary smelling the flowers
Flowers to celebrate our first anniversary. Jan 18, 2006Smelling the flowers. Jan 28, 2006

Posing with flowers
Posing with flowers. Apr 15, 2006

cool drink on a hot day
Having a cool drink on a hot day. Jul 25, 2006

Striking an attitude I said something wrong...
Striking an attitude. Aug 1, 2005I said something wrong... Aug 1, 2005

Aug 1 2005
Aug 1, 2005

Daydreaming Sitting up straight
Daydreaming. Aug 1, 2005Sitting up straight. Aug 1, 2005

Trying to draw my attention
Trying to draw my attention. Feb 14, 2005

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