2014 Statistics related to my Action Figure pages

CG v2 Cally

Pages added in 2014

most popular Action Figure pictures on this site in 2014

  1. Kathy  5961
  2. Jessica and Sylvia  2012
  3. the B-Girls  1858
  4. Claudia  1837
  5. Abigail Whistler  1760
  6. Selena  1324
  7. Nicky  1266
  8. Margiana  993
  9. Abigail Whistler  980
  10. Jessica  934

most popular Action Figure pages on this site in 2014

  1. Claudia  942
  2. Vera  877
  3. the Honeys  844
  4. Margiana  693
  5. Jessica  648
  6. Abigail Whistler  589
  7. Kathy  575
  8. Anne  535
  9. Dream Girl  520
  10. Alex  424

Changes made to Action Figure pages in 2014

Dec 30, 2014Action Figure LinksCleaned up and restored dead links, added link to Figurvore
Dec 26, 2014VeraMoved 'Head' section
Dec 26, 20141/6 Scale Action FiguresChanges in text
Dec 24, 2014Pictures of VeraChanged 'hook' link to new page
Dec 24, 2014Making a 1/6 Scale HookNew page, added new text and pictures
Dec 24, 2014ClaudiaMoved 'making a Hook' section to separate page
Dec 11, 2014IceAdded picture of Nicky and Kim standing back-to-back
Dec 11, 2014KathyReplaced full length red catsuit picture
Dec  7, 2014Pictures of VeraAdded link to larger picture of Vera sitting on top of page
Dec  1, 2014PriscillaReplaced full length and portrait pictures
Nov 1-4, 2014All pagesReplaced contents of Description metatag in page headers
Oct 29-30, 2014Various PagesAdded Description metatag to Sylvia, Jessica, Liz, Priscilla and CG Bodies pages; Added new picture to page of Sylvia; Added new thoughts to Thoughts and Trivia page
Oct 28, 2014Various PagesAdded picture of Vera to Favorite CG Pics; added '10 years on' section to 1/6 Scale Action Figures page; added link for Sparesbox Sweethearts page to Vera page
Oct 11, 2014JessicaAdded link to picture of 2010 Barbie with Vespa scooter
Oct  8, 2014JessicaAdded new picture page to Pictures of Jessica
Sep 20, 2014JessicaAdded new picture page to Pictures of Jessica
Sep 19, 2014JessicaAdded new picture page to Pictures of Jessica
Sep  6, 2014Various PagesMoved Javascript code for displaying pictures from B-Girls, CG Repairs, Thoughts and Trivia and CG Main pages into separate file
Sep  5, 2014Thoughts and TriviaAdded some more thoughts
Sep  3, 2014CG BodiesAdded various links and made some changes to text
Sep  3, 2014VeraAdded link to new portrait
Aug 24, 2014AnneAdded link to picture of face with repainted eyebrows
Aug 23, 2014The HoneysAdded links to description of 'Cutey Honey' anime character and to picture of 'Jun' face
Aug  8, 2014A mishap with the FerrariAdded new page
Jul 23, 2014Pictures of VeraAdded new pictures of Vera in blue leotard
Jul 22, 2014VeraAdded several new pictures
Jul 20, 2014DanielleAdded text about sneakers
Jul  7, 2014DanielleAdded Summer Party picture
Jun 23, 2014Various PagesAdded picture of Liz to Favorite CG Pics; changed list of pictures to be displayed randomly on CG Main
Jun 22, 2014JessicaAdded new picture
Jun 22, 2014NathalieAdded new picture
Jun 18, 2014Pictures of VeraAdded some early pictures
Jun 17, 2014TheresaAdded link to early portrait
Jun 15, 2014HelenaAdded new picture
May 17, 2014CallyAdded links to small portrait of Jan Chappell (Cally in 'Blakes 7' tv series) and to Wikipedia page on 'Blakes 7'
May 15, 2014The HoneysAdded Cutey Honey and old group picture
May 14, 2014CallyAdded new page
Apr 21, 2014JessicaAdded new picture page to Pictures of Jessica
Feb 13, 2014LizChanges to page layout
Jan 23, 2014Pictures of VeraAdded new page
Jan  8, 2014SylviaChanged portrait and top picture
Jan  7, 2014Favorite CG PicsChanged picture of Sylvia
Jan  6, 2014HelenaAdded new picture
Jan  4, 2014CG MainChanged main picture to 'Happy New Year' picture
Jan  1, 2014JessicaAdded new picture page to Pictures of Jessica

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