A mishap with the Ferrari

Even though this part of the country is not known for earthquakes, the house and the display cabinet sometimes tremble a bit (heavy traffic, neighbours ...).
Since all of my Girls stand on the shelf unsupported, sometimes one loses her balance.
Recently this happened with two Ladies Mission Girls in the back of the cabinet.
After I noticed the two Girls had fallen over I carefully picked them up, checked them for damage and adjusted their poses.
The Girls were unharmed but one of the model cars that was 'parked' at the rear end of the shelf did suffer some damage.
I noticed Kelly had a bit of a guilty look on her face, which prompted the following scene:

Angelina and Kelly came to my desk:
Angelina and Kelly
Angelina:"Kelly and me we had a little mishap with the Ferrari ..."
Angelina talks, Kelly walks off
Angelina:"... I tried to stop her but it was too late ..."
Kelly shows model car bumper
Angelina:"... I too lost my balance and we both fell on top of the Ferrari model car, now the bumper has broken off."

Me:"Are you both okay ?"
"Don't worry about the model car, fixing that bumper is not a problem."

Angelina:"Yep, I think we're okay, thanks."
"See Kel, I told you he wouldn't get angry."

After repairing the Ferrari model I did park it on a different shelf, just to be safe :)

the Ferrari

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