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This page only lists relevant changes, I often tinker with content: rephrasing text, adding a link, etc.
Adding all of those minor changes here would clutter up the list too much but can be found on a separate page.

For the latest RX-7 (and RX-8) model kit news, check out my Hot News page (which often gets updated without it being mentioned here).

Changes to my Cy Girl pages are listed on a separate change log.

11 jan 2023
Created new RX-7 model kits listed by type pages and linked these to Mazda RX-7 Miniatures Overview pages.
14 dec 2022
Added latest Aoshima RX-7 FD Initial D release to page.
8 dec 2022
Added the latest Aoshima prepainted 'Initial D' RX-7 FD kits to 'Aoshima Mazda RX-7 FD3S' page.
18 nov 2022
Changed color sample and model paint reference for Winning Blue 27B on Mazda RX-8 page and added note about fading.
31 oct 2022
Added the latest Aoshima prepainted 'Initial D' RX-7 FC kits to 'Aoshima Mazda RX-7 Savanna FC3S' page.
30 oct 2022
Added new build report page for 1/144 SBD-5 kit and linked it to On the Workbench and Revell 1/144 scale WW2 aircraft series pages.
17 oct 2022
Fixed W3C links containing deprecated 'referer' instead of URL on various pages in home, mazda, models and rx7kits directories.
7 sep 2022
Added page with all minor site changes and linked it to this page.
1 sep 2022
Added new page with 1/32 Mono RX-7 kits and added kits to RX-7 Miniature Models List page.
18 jul 2022
Added a new page with a list of my favorite books on RX-7, RX-8 and Rotary Engines.
22 jun 2022
Added more pictures, descriptions and paint codes to RX-8 reference pictures page.
21 jun 2022
Added a new page with RX-8 reference pictures.
18 jun 2022
Found a tiny picture of a pre-race test of all three Rx-7 race cars at Daytona in 1979 in my archives, so I added it to the 1979 Daytona racers page.
25 may 2022
Added a 767B picture to Mazda Race Car pictures and a link to Mazda 767B kits page.
16 may 2022
Additions to 'Scale Models International' Scale Drawings Index page.
13 may 2022
Linked Driving an Rx-7 page to About my Rx-7 page.
3 apr 2022
Added note about corrected decals to Hasegawa Mazda Rx-7 '1979 Daytona GTU Class Winner' page.
2 apr 2022
Added new Fujimi RX-7 boxart and marked the updates on the plastic kit list .
30 mrt 2022
Added 1/72 OH-6D kit to On the Workbench page.
22 mrt 2022
Added info on latest Aoshima RX-7 kit release to list and Aoshima FD kits page.
15 mrt 2022
Added 1/144 Eurofighter kit to On the Workbench page.
3 mrt 2022
Changes to main page; Split 'About' page into About my Rx-7 and About this site pages.
2 mrt 2022
Added pictures to Mazda Race Car pictures and Mazda 767B kits pages.
28 feb 2022
Changed color code on RX-7 Color Overview page.
27 feb 2022
Added About this website page to main index page.
23 feb 2022
Added dedicated page for Mazda race car pictures; moved 26B engine pics to that page.
20 feb 2022
Added Cy Girl Action Figures section to Scale Modeling pages.
14 feb 2022
Added 26B engine pictures to RX-7 Engine pictures page.
12 feb 2022
Added this page and linked it on main index page; added favicon.
11 feb 2022
Notes about decals added to Hasegawa Mazda Rx-7 '1979 Daytona GTU Class Winner' page.
10 feb 2022
Added brief 'upcoming releases' list to RX-7 Kits Hotnews page; Added missing kit to Fujimi RX-7 FC, Inch Up page.
9 feb 2022
New additions to Mazda RX-7 Kit Features page.
8 feb 2022
Lists of Mazda race car kits and kits of other Mazda rotaties added.
7 feb 2022
Corrected color of Spirit-R shock dampers on Aoshima Mazda RX-7 FD kits page.
5-7 feb 2022
List of Mazda RX-7 kits added.
5 feb 2022
New additions to RX-7 interior pictures page.
4 feb 2022
Scale modeling info pages added.
3 feb 2022
Mazda RX-7 info added; extra pictures added to 2001 RZ, 2001 R Bathurst R and 2002 FD pages; new engines and engine bay pictures page added.
2 feb 2022
New start with this new domain: Index page added.

For completeness sake, the list of changes made to the old website can be found on this page .

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