RX-7 Miniature Models List

This is an overview of model kits made of racing versions of the Mazda RX-7 and other Mazda race cars.
Lists of model kits of Mazda RX-7 street cars and other Mazda rotary types can be found on separate lists.

Many models listed here are no longer available in shops.
Click on Cat.Nr. for more information on a model.
The codes used in the tables are explained at the bottom of this page.
The list is grouped by manufacturer, click on the links below to jump to parts of the list:

Part 2, Plastic Kits of Mazda Race Cars

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
Rx-7 SA
03708Savanna Rx-7 Silhouette Racing Gr.51/201aRi,e,(m,lf)R
3G-63Savanna RX-7 Silhouette Racer1/241aRm,lfR
SR-08Savanna RX-7 Rotary Racing1/241aRm,lfR
035009Savanna Rx-7 Daytona 24 hours1/241aRiL
052297Savanna Rx-7 Daytona '791/241aRiL
061039Savanna Rx-7 Daytona '791/241aRiL
035764Savanna Rx-7 IMSA Daytona 24 hours1/241aRiL
037683Racing Beat FC3S RX-7 Bonneville, S Package Ver. R1/242ai,cL,R
037041Team Samurai Project FC3S RX-7 2006~, D1 Grand Prix1/242bi,cR
037058HPI FC3S RX-7 2005, D1 Grand Prix1/242bi,cR
033784RX-7 FD3S A'pex D1 Project, S Package1/243ci,cR
034187RX-7 FD3S A'pex D1 Project, D1 Grand Prix1/243ci,cR
035139RX-7 Panspeed Asamoto FD3S, D1 Grand Prix1/243ci,cR
037935RE Amemiya GReddy D1 7 2005 Ver, D1 Grand Prix1/243ci,cR
037942RE Amemiya GReddy D1 7 2004 Ver, D1 Grand Prix1/243ci,cR
Other Types
3G-71March '75S/Rotary1/24Rm,iR

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
AR-999Mazda Savanna RX-7 Racing1/241aRi,(m,lf)R
A273Nikon Mazda 7371/24RmL
A714Mazda Speed 757C1/24RmL

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
SM-07Mazda RX-7 Racing1/241aRi,m,lf,lrR
ID-01Mazda RX-7 Racing1/241aRi,(m,lr)R
06232Mazda Savanna RX-7 Racing SA22C1/241aRi,(m,lr)R
038773Mazda Savanna RX-7 Racing SA22C1/241aRi,(m,lr)R

Gunze Sangyo
Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
G-113Mazda Savanna RX-71/241aRi,m,(lf,lr)R
G-122Mazda RX-7 Savanna1/241aRi,(m,lf,lr)R
G-137Mazda RX-7 Savanna1/241aRi,(m,lf,lr)R

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
Rx-7 SA
HC-46Mazda Savanna Rx-7 (SA22C) '1979 Daytona GTU Class Winner'1/241aRi,cL
20587Mazda Savanna Rx-7 (SA22C) '1979 Daytona Car No.77'1/241aRi,cL
20661Mazda Savanna Rx-7 (SA22C) '1979 Portland Car No.77'1/241aRi,cL
ZZ3Enfini RX-7 Type X1/123a(R)i,e,c,xm,xcR
CQ-2RX-7 Trans Material1/123aRiR
Cosmo Sport
HR-3Mazda Cosmo Sport '1968 Marathon de la Route'1/24Ri,c,xdR
CH-50Mazda Cosmo Sport '1968 Marathon de la Route Super Detail'1/24Ri,c,xd,xc,xpR
22018Mazda 767B Charge1/24Ri,cL
20312Mazda 767B Charge1/24Ri,cL
22020Mazda 767B Finish Line1/24Ri,cL
20325Mazda 767B Finish Line1/24Ri,cL
20691Mazda 767B "1989 Daytona 24-Hour Race" [new]1/24Ri,cL
SP-60Mazda 767B NWB1/24Ri,cL
20446Mazda 767B NWB1/24Ri,cL
SP-88Mazda 767B Playsure1/24Ri,cL
20359Mazda 767B Playsure1/24Ri,cL
20632Mazda 767B NWB 1991 JSPC Test Car1/24Ri,cL

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
B-675Mazda Savanna Rx-7 Racing1/241aRiR
529934Savanna Rx-7 Racing1/241aRiR

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
C521Rx-7 Racing Rotary Silhouette1/241aRi,mR
C712Rx-7 Group 5 Machine1/241aRi,(m)R

Monogram / Revell USA
Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
2277Mazda RX-7 CAFE racer1/241aRi,e,cL
85-4429Mazda RX-7 2 'n 11/241a(R)i,e,cL

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
24112Mazda 787B '91 LeMans Winner1/24Ri,e,cL
24326Mazda 787B 'No.18 Le Mans 24 Hours 1991'1/24Ri,e,cL
24352Mazda 787B1/24Ri,e,cL

Cat.Nr. Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
351Racing Mazda RX-71/241aRi,(m,lr)R

Cat.Nr. Manufacturer Box Title Scale Type Details Steering
06414-3AirfixMazda RX-71/241aRi,(m,lf,lr)R
8131USAirfixMazda RX-71/241aRi,(m,lf,lr)R
14058NittoMazda Savanna Rx-7 Racing1/281aRi,mR
TK-8822Blue TankMazda Savanna Rx-7 Racing1/281aRi,mR
HR-8822HRMazda Savanna Rx-7 Racing1/281aRi,mR
KT-100KawaiMazda Savanna Rx-7 Racing1/381aRi,mR
Other Types
667NittoShiden RE13B-781/28Ri,mR
14075NittoShiden RE13B-781/28Ri,mR
TK-8809Blue TankShiden RE13B-781/28Ri,mR
1KabayaCharge Mazda 787B1/43Ri-
055MCMitsuwaCharge Mazda 787B--Rm-
056MCMitsuwaDaytona Mazda 767B--Rm-

Cat.Nr. Manufacturer Box Title Scale Details
ST27-FP24209Studio 27Mazda 767B Upgrade Parts1/24xp
ATS-7364Acu-StionMazda 787B Mechanical Parts Set1/24xp
HD02-0237Hobby DesignMazda 787B Detail Up Set1/24xc,xp
HD03-0260Hobby DesignMazda 787B Wheels Hex Nuts Set1/24xr
G017Modeler'sMazda 787B Upgrade Set1/24xp
SKU 8115Scale MotorsportMazda 787B Renown1/24xp
ST27-FP2413Studio 27Mazda 787B Upgrade Set1/24xp
ST27-FP2413RStudio 27Mazda 787B Upgrade Set1/24xp
ST27-FP24225Studio 27787B Upgrade Set1/24xp
TD23123Top StudioMazda 787B Wheels Set1/24xp
TK24007Kool Models ProductionMazda 787B Wheels Set1/24xr

Cat.Nr. Manufacturer Box Title Scale Details
SDF2464Studio 27Mazda 757 'Lucky Strike' Le Mans 19861/24-
SDF2465Studio 27Mazda 757 'Mazda' Le Mans 19871/24-
767 / 767B
ST27-DC1226Studio 27Mazda 767 #201/#202 Le Mans 19881/24-
ST27-DC1228Studio 27Mazda 767 #201 WEC Fuji 19881/24-
DC31 Museum Collection Charge Mazda 767B 89 Du Mans1/24-
SHK-D301Shunko ModelsFinish Line Mazda 767B 1989 Le Mans1/24-
SHK-D304Shunko ModelsCharge Mazda 767B 1989 Le Mans1/24-
SHK-D305Shunko ModelsNWB Mazda 767B 1991 JSPC1/24-
SHK-D306Shunko ModelsNWB Mazda 767B 1992 JSPC1/24-
SHK-D350Shunko ModelsCharge Mazda 767B 1990 Le Mans1/24-
ST27-DC1218Studio 27Mazda 767B #202 'Charge' 19891/24-
787 / 787B
ST27-DC209Studio 27Mazda 787 'Art Sports' Le Mans 19901/24-
ST27-DC210Studio 27Mazda 787+787B 'Mazda' Le Mans 19911/24-
HD04-0081Hobby DesignMazda 787B Charge Nr.202 JSPC 19911/24-
HD04-0082Hobby DesignMazda 787B Charge Nr.55 Le Mans 19911/24-
MSMD175MSM CreationMazda 787B 1991 Le mans Winner1/24-
DC32 Museum Collection Charge Mazda 787B 91 Du Mans1/24-
MC-D072 Museum Collection Charge Mazda 787B 91 Du Mans Decal & Seat Belt Set1/24xp
ST27-DC216Studio 27Mazda 787B 'Enfini' JSPC 19911/24-
ST27-DC228Studio 27Mazda 787B 'Renown' JSPC 19911/24-
ST27-DC959Studio 27Mazda 787B 'Charge' #55 Le Mans 19911/24-
ST27-DC960Studio 27Mazda 787B 'Charge' #202 JSPC 19911/24-
ST27-DC961Studio 27Mazda 787B 'Charge' #201 JSPC 19911/24-
SKU 7115Scale MotorsportMazda 787B Composite Print Template Decals1/24-
ST27-CD24026Studio 27Mazda 787B Carbon Decal1/24-
24084TABU DesignMazda 787B LM 1991 update set1/24-
24-014Blue StuffMazda 787B Le Mans 1991 additive decals1/24-
ST27-DC760CStudio 27Mazda RX-8 'SpeedSource' #69 2008 Daytona 24h1/24-
ST27-DC761CStudio 27Mazda RX-8 'SpeedSource' #70 2008 Daytona 24h GT-Class Winner1/24-

Key to tables
1a'78-'80 (SA)iinteriorLLeft Hand Drive
1b'81-'83 (FB)eengine bayRRight Hand Drive (Japan,UK,...)
1c'84-'85 (FB)cchassis/suspension
melectric motor
2a'86-'89 (FC)lfelectric head lights
2b'90-'91 (FC)lrelectric tail lights
2c'91 Infini IV (FC)xpetched metal details
xccast metal details
3a'92-'95 (FD)xrresin details
3b'96-'98 (FD)( )requires parts not included in kit
3c'99-2002 (FD)[new]recently added to this site (i.e. not always a new release !)
..Rrace car[update]info was recently updated

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