Hasegawa Cosmo Sport L10B

Kit Nr.HC-02, Cosmo Sport L10B 1968

released in 1993
rereleased in September 2015
rereleased in December 2017

box top (21kB) Hasegawa's Historic Car Series came as a total surprise to many, especially since the first couple of subjects (Toyota 2000GT and Mazda Cosmo Sport) were covered before by other manufacturers. However, these were brand new patterns and despite being kerbside kits, each kit contains nice extra's. For the Cosmo, Hasegawa throws in a sheet of self adhesive felt for use as carpeting, a sheet of plastic mesh for the radiator grille and a very nice set of self-adhesive chrome-like metal badges. Decals are comprehensive, even some thatch-print inserts for the seats are included.
The model itself captures the looks of the real Cosmo very well and detail of chassis, interior and suspension are state of the art. If only there was a tiny rotary engine hiding under that hood...

Kit Nr.CH-31, Collectors Hi-Grade Series Mazda Cosmo Sport (metal engine details)

released in December 1998

box top (19kB) Late 1998 Hasegawa added the Mazda Cosmo Sport to its limited edition Hi-Grade series. The kit itself remained unchanged, the felt, the metal badges, its all there but a large number of cast metal and etched metal parts were added to fill up that void under the hood.
As with all Hi-Grade kits, the price is steep (5800 Yen, compared to 2200 Yen for the regular kit) and it is only suited for experienced modelers.

engine bay (43.2kB) For this kit the modeler needs to take one extra hurdle:
the body is still kerbside, so the hood has to be separated from the body very carefully.
Among the extra parts is a self-adhesive piece of plastic foil with all the raised details for the inside of the hood, a very nice touch !
Apart from engine bay details, the big sheet of etched metal parts also contains a set of windshield wipers and even some license plates.

Kit Nr.CH-46, Collectors Hi-Grade Series Mazda Cosmo Sport (metal engine details)

released in January 2021

box top (19kB) In 2021 Hasegawa did limited rereleases of some Hi-Grade kits, including this highly detailed version of the Cosmo Sports kit.
Apart from the box art and the catalog number, the kit looks identical to the earlier release.

Kit Nr.CQ-1, MAT Vehicle

released in August 1999
rereleased in July 2008

box top (27kB) A special Japan-only issue, this kit depicts the car that was used in the Japanese sci-fi tv-series Ultraman.
This L10B Cosmo, fitted with a trunk lid spoiler, a whip aerial and a fancy paint job was the ideal mount for the Monster Attack Team, whose heroes were busy saving the world from evil monsters.
This kit comes with all the parts and extras from the original HC-02 release, plus additional decals and parts (R-parts tree) to create either the early or the later version of the MAT Vehicle, as illustrated by the many color pictures on the box lid.

Kit Nr.SP-376, MAT Vehicle with MAT female crew

released in June 2018

box top (20kB)figure (8.9kB) This is a limited edition of the MAT Vehicle version of the Mazda Cosmo Sports.
The kit contains all parts and goodies from the regular MAT Vehicle kit plus an additional multipart resin figure and a separate sheet with instructions on assembling and painting the figure.
The intricately detailed figure represents Yuriko Hill from 'Ultraman Returns'.
The new decal sheet includes all of the items found on the HC-02 sheet, decals for the later version of the MAT livery of the car and some decals for the figure.
Body is molded in white, interior and chassis parts are molded in black and the J- and K-parts containing bumpers, mirrors, hubcaps and other shiny items are brightly plated. The figure is cast in tan resin with a separate clear visor for the helmet.

Kit Nr.20258, Mazda Cosmo Sport L10B 'Police Car'

released in July 2012

box top (21kB) This is a limited edition, it is not part of any series.
This kit offers a choice of making a Cosmo L10B Highway Patrol car that served with the Hiroshima Prefectural Police or one that served with the 8th Metropolitan Police Department.
In addition to all the parts and extras from the original HC-02 Cosmo L10B kit, four new sets of parts and a new decal sheet are included:

The beautifully printed decal sheet contains all the items of the HC-02 kit (including thatch-print inserts for the seats) plus all Police graphics including two sizes of black curved triangles for the nose.
One odd thing is that the instructions suggest to fit the dealer plates (decals nr.7) to the car despite two sets of actual license plates being included. For option nr.1 (Hiroshima prefecture) license plates nr.8 can be used, for option nr.2 (Metropolitan Police) use license plates nr.25 .

The unused AB parts offer parts like a radio set (part AB1) but for absolute accuracy some details need to be added from scratch:
The very informative history on the instruction sheet mentions a speed detector fitted to the glove compartment but the instructions only mention fitting the additional spedometer to the top of the dashboard and leave the glove compartment lid closed. Also when a loudspeaker is fitted to the rear fender, there must be a microphone fitted inside but none is included.

Despite the base kit being 19 years old this is still a state-of-the-art kit, the parts are crisply detailed and no flash or other signs of mould wear are present.
The body is molded in white, interior, chassis parts and wheels are molded in black and parts like hubcaps, wipers and bezels are brightly plated.

Kit Nr.20325, SP-368 Mazda Cosmo Sport L10B w/60's Girl's Figure

released in December 2017
rereleased in July 2020

box top (18kB)figure (5.8kB) This is a limited edition, it is not part of any series.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mazda Cosmo Sport, Hasegawa released a limited edition of the HC-02 kit with a resin figure depicting a 1/24 scale girl dressed in 60ies clothing included.
Apart from the added figure, which consists of 4 parts and a separate sheet with assembly and painting instructions, the contents of the kit are identical to the regular HC-02 kit.
Despite being quite petite the figure nicely demonstrates how low the roof of the Cosmo Sport actually is.

Cosmo Sport with figure (22.1kB)

Kit Nr.20522, Mazda Cosmo Sport L10B with Chin Spoiler

released in July 2021

box top (14.6kB) This is a limited edition, it is not part of any series.
In addition to all of the parts and extras from the original HC-02 Cosmo L10B kit, some new parts are included:

The instructions provide 1/24 scale detail drawings to help with positioning the spoilers.

1968 Cosmo wing details The remaining parts from the MAT vehicle R parts set are not mentioned, however these provide some interesting options such as later style rectangular side indicators (parts R7) and a different style of wing mirrors (parts R1), replacing the original ones (parts K14) .
The picture on the left shows an actual 1968 Cosmo Sport fitted with this style of mirror and indicators.

Note that the box art suggests that the suspension is lowered, but only the stock suspension parts are included, so the model will have regular ride height.
The body and the R parts frame are molded in white, interior, chassis parts and wheels are molded in black and parts like hubcaps, wipers and bezels are brightly plated.

Kit Nr.SP-389 'Zessyaka!' Mazda Cosmo Sport L10B

released in November 2018

box top (29.8kB)figures (23.9kB) This is a limited edition, it is the second kit in a series of 'Easy Diorama Kits' of anime subjects.

Apart from the Cosmo Sport L10B kit it comes with a folded printed cardboard diorama backdrop (measuring 180 x 165 x 115 mm) and a pair of figures printed on a clear piece of acrylic. The figures are Nonoka Mima and Yayoi Kotesashi from the Newtype anime "Zetsu!" about a group of college girls restoring neglected classic cars.

The kit itself is identical to the HC-02 release (including metal transfers and self-adhesive carpets) apart from the decals which now offer new license plates to match those of the car in the story.

Kit Nr.52259, SP-459 NERV Official Business Coupe w/ Shikinami Asuka Langley Figure

released in June 2020

box top (28kB)Asuka Langley figure (33.6kB) This is a limited edition, it is not part of any series.
In the 'Evangelion Genesis' anime a Cosmo Sport L10B is used as one of the official cars.

This kit contains all parts of the regular HC-02 Cosmo Sport L10B release (including metal transfers and self-adhesive carpets) apart from new decals, a revised instruction sheet and a new unpainted resin figure consisting of 8 parts.
The figure is at 1/24th scale and is a beautiful representation of the lovely Asuka Langley.

The decal set offers all of the usual HC-02 kit items, new NERV license plates, stripes and NERV emblems for the car and a choice of three sets of decals for the eyes of the figure.

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