Aoshima 'The Snap Kit' series
1/32nd scale

The Snap Kit series was introduced in 2021, it features easy to assemble models of popular cars.
The parts are made out of ABS plastic instead of the usual polystyrene and no glue is required for assembly: all parts snap together.
All parts are either molded in appropriate colors or plated, so no painting is required.
Interior is fully detailed with the dashboard and door panels molded with the floor on thin edges that can be folded.
The chassis is flat and smooth with just 'Aoshima' in raised lettering.
The chassis allows the axles to be fitted in a regular or a lowered height.
Windows and light lenses are provided as clear parts, for the lights there are colored self-adhesive foil stickers provided to fit behind the lenses.

The sticker set of the Initial D FD3S suggests that Aoshima plans to release more versions of the FD3S in different body colors.

The instruction sheet refers to , where a license plate designer can be found that allows for creating custom license plates that can be printed at home.

'Initial D' Keisuke's FD3S 'Snap Kit Initial D' series Nr. CM2

released in Nov 2023

Box Top (32kB) This kit accurately depicts an Enfini RX-7 FD fitted with a late style rear wing and 17in Mazdaspeed MS-02 wheels.
Headlights can be fitted in retracted or raised position. The lights come with separate clear lenses and bright foil stickers for reflectors.
The interior comes with seats molded to the floor, a separate steering column and stickers for instrument panel and center console.

Body, door mirrors and aero kit parts are molded in yellow, chassis parts are molded in black, a separate muffler is brightly plated, MS-02 wheels with tires molded on are molded in black and come with separate brightly plated rims.

This kit contains two well-printed sets of self-adhesive stickers: one printed on metalized foil with all badges, dashboard intruments, window frames, light reflectors and license plates for an Enfini FD; the other set is printed on clear film and offers 'Initial D' stickers and license plate.

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