1/6 Scale Cool Girl

Harley In 2005 and 2006 Takara did some new versions of popular earlier releases, one of these was 'Harley' (CG-EX7) which was one of the most popular figures in the first series (CG-07 Nikki, sold by Takara as Rider Suit 'Harley').

For this rerelease her black pleather biker suit was changed to a three tone colored one, her dirt-bike helmet was changed to a fully enclosed one, her biker gloves now had cuffs added and, as with all of the CG-EX releases, her face got painted in a more realistic way.

I got her a 1/6 scale model of a Ducati 998 made by NewRay.

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Member SinceNov 15th 2005
bodyoriginal CG v2 (tan)
headoriginal CG Harley v2
sculpt codeCG05


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