RX-7 FD Miniature Models List

This is an overview of plastic model kits made of the third generation of the Mazda RX-7 (FD).
Lists of model kits of the first generation (SA and FB), the second generation (FC), other rotary race cars and other Mazda rotary types can be found on separate pages.

Many models listed here are no longer available in shops.
Click on Cat.Nr. for more information on a model.
The Released column lists the most recent release of a kit, the backgound color indicates how long ago: darker is longer ago (likely making the kit harder to find).
The codes used in the tables are explained at the bottom of this page.
The list is grouped by manufacturer, click on the links below to jump to parts of the list:

Cat.Nr. Box Title Series Released Scale Type Details Steering
RX-7 FD Street
000114Enfini RX-7New Trend '92 #8719921/243ai,c,xpR
000127Enfini RX-7New Trend '92 #87B19921/243ai,c,xpR
012635Mazda RX-7 R1New Trend USA #9719941/243ai,c,xpL,R
050286Enfini RX-7 1991Best Car GT #3620131/243ai,cR
S-47Enfini RX-7 Type RS Package #S-4719921/243ai,cR
000388Enfini RX-7 (Type R)S Package #4719971/243ai,cR
01297Enfini RX-7ZR #219931/243ai,cR
015605Enfini RX-7Hashiriya #2419981/243ai,cR
016541Enfini RX-7Super ZR #2319951/243ai,cR
017937Enfini RX-7 Type RBest Car #2119971/243ai,c (xc)R (L)
020791Enfini RX-7 FD3SWangan Street Gear #119991/243ai,cR
014158Enfini RX-7 FD3S '96 type IVBest Car GT #9020151/243bi,cR
051580The Model Car #720161/243bi,cR
061275The Model Car #720201/243bi,cR
036327Mazda RX-7 FD3S '98Best Car GT #5820051/243ci,cR
048955Best Car GT #5820101/243ci,cR
04003Mazda RX-7 FD3S '98, Innocent Blue MicaPrepainted Model #720071/243ci,cR
04004Mazda RX-7 FD3S '98, Brilliant BlackPrepainted Model #820101/243ci,cR
054970Mazda RX-7 FD3S '99, Vintage RedPrepainted Model #SP20181/243ci,cR
054987Mazda RX-7 FD3S '99, Innocent Blue MicaPrepainted Model #SP20181/243ci,cR
055861Mazda FD3S RX-7 'Spirit R' Type-B '02The Model Car #7720181/243ci,cR (L)
061930The Model Car #7720211/243ci,cR (L)
023907Enfini RX-7 FD3SPatrol Car #319991/243ai,cR
014165RX-7 FD3S '96 type IV Patrol CarBest Car GT #6020151/243bi,cR
059227Mazda RX-7 FD3S, Radar Patrol Car '98The Model Car #SP20201/243ci,cR
064863Mazda RX-7 FD3S, Patrol Car '98The Patrol Car #820221/243ci,cR
036853Mazda RX-7 FD3SDrift Machine #1220051/243ci,cR
023822Mazdaspeed FD3S RX-7 GT-C GT-ConceptS Package Ver. R #6019991/243ci,cR
026878painted body20001/243ci,cR
042175S Package Ver. R #6020081/243ci,cR
053584The Tuned Car #2720171/243ci,cR
061473The Tuned Car #2720201/243ci,cR
039182'96 RX-7 Mazdaspeed GT-C, Left Hand DriveS Package Ver. R #6020061/243ci,cL,R
025758Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) Veilside Combat ModelS Package Ver. R #6420001/243ai,cR
026885painted body20001/243ai,cR
028353Maziora #420011/243ai,cR
007228S Package Ver. R #8820161/243ai,cR
065754The Tuned Car #7720231/243ai,cL,R
029022FD3S RX-7 Veilside Combat IIS Package Ver. R #7220011/243bi,cR
028339Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) C-WestS Package Ver. R #7020011/243bi,cR
008102S Package Ver. R #7020131/243bi,cR
063026The Tuned Car #6920231/243bi,cR
039199Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) C-West, Left Hand DriveS Package Ver. R #7020061/243bi,cL,R
032275FD3S RX-7 BomexS Package Ver. R #8020031/243bi,cR
032282FD3S RX-7 Bomex (special)S Package Ver. R #80SP20031/243bi,cR
034583S Package Ver. R #80SP20041/243ci,cL,R
005866S Package Ver. R #80SP20131/243ci,cL,R
063996The Tuned Car #7420221/243ci,cL,R
033333RX-7 FD3S Car Make T&E VertexS Package Ver. R #8320041/243ci,cR
001639S Package Ver. R #8320111/243ci,cR
052396The Tuned Car #920161/243ci,cR
058398The Tuned Car #920231/243ci,cR
036260RE Amemiya RX-7 FD3SS Package Ver. R #9620061/243ci,cR
047965S Package Ver. R #9620091/243ci,cR
056264RE Amemiya RX-7 FD3S '99The Tuned Car #6720231/243ci,cR
064948Mazdaspeed A-Spec FD3S RX-7 '99The Tuned Car #8020231/243ai,cR
056219Keisuke Takahashi FD3S RX-7 Vol.1 SpecsInitial D #1220191/243ai,cR
056233Prepainted Model Initial D #SP20191/243ai,cR
064030Prepainted Model Initial D #I-0520221/243ai,cR
056202Keisuke Takahashi FD3S RX-7 Project D Vol.28 SpecsInitial D #820231/243ci,cR
056226Prepainted Model Initial D #SP20191/243ci,cR
064023Prepainted Model Initial D #I-0420221/243ci,cR
059555Keisuke Takahashi FD3S RX-7 Project D with figureInitial D #1520201/243ci,c,xrR
064016Keisuke Takahashi FD3S RX-7 Last Battle SpecsPrepainted Model Initial D #SP-320221/243ci,cR
064931Keisuke Takahashi FD3S RX-7 Vol.18 SSR VersionInitial D #1820221/243ai,cR
041406FD3S RX-7 'Haruhi Ism'Itasha #120081/243ci,cR
048276RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7 'Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS'Itasha #1220091/243ci,cR
049129FD3S RX-7 'Loveplus'Itasha #1420101/243ci,cR
006887FD3S RX-7 'Sword Art Online'Itasha #2920121/243ci,cR
050361Mazdaspeed FD3S RX-7 GT-C 'Working!!'Itasha #SP20121/243ci,cR
022160FD3S RX-7Initial D #0419991/323bm-
008997FD3S RX-7 Takahashi KesukeInitial D #0420151/323bm-
065501'Initial D' Keisuke's FD3S RX-7The Snap Kit #CM220231/323aiR
RX-7 FD Race Cars
033784RX-7 FD3S A'pex D1 ProjectS Package Ver. R #8420041/243ci,cR
034187D1 Grand Prix #120041/243ci,cR
035139RX-7 Panspeed Asamoto FD3SD1 Grand Prix #SP20041/243ci,cR
037935RE Amemiya GReddy D1 7 2005 VerD1 Grand Prix #1320061/243ci,cR
037942RE Amemiya GReddy D1 7 2004 VerD1 Grand Prix #SP20061/243ci,cR

ARII / MicroAce
Cat.Nr. Box Title Series Released Scale Type Details Steering
RX-7 FD Street
86084RX-7 FD3S Wangan MidnightWangan Midnight #419991/323i,cR
91064'91 Enfini RX-7Owners Club #3620231/323i,cR
47063'91 Mazda RX-7 Patrol CarOwners Club #5820041/323i,cR

Cat.Nr. Box Title Series Released Scale Type Details Steering
RX-7 FD Street
03464Mazda FD3S RX-7 Type RS '99Inch Up Disk #3619991/243ci,cR
039428Mazda FD3S RX-7 Type RS '99 with window masksInch Up Disk #3620151/243ci,cR
18555Mazda FD3S RX-7 Type RS '99, Lowered Susp.Suspension Down #519991/243ci,cR
04046Mazda FD3S RX-7 Type RSTohge #3020021/243ci,cR
03563Mazda FD3S RX-7 Type RS, USA CustomInch Up Disk #ID-U20031/243ci,cR
03513Mazda New FD3S RX-7 Type RZ 2001Inch Up Disk #9320011/243ci,cR
03533Mazda FD3S RX-7 Type R 'Bathurst R'Inch Up Disk #ID-SP020011/243ci,cR
18817Mazda FD3S RX-7 Type R 'Bathurst'Inch Up Disk #ID-P20031/243ci,cR
03537Mazda FD3S RX-7 'Spirit R' Type AInch Up Disk #ID-B20021/243ci,cR
03726Inch Up Disk #8920231/243ci,cR
18796Mazda FD3S RX-7 'Spirit R' Type A Final VersionSpecial Limited Edition20071/243ci,cR
18441Mazda RX-7 FD3S Highway PatrolThe Patrol Car #1020041/243ci,cR
038971Mazda FD3S RX-7 KaiInch Up Disc #4320141/243ai,cR
18908RE Amemiya µ Boost Up 7 SPLRacing Star #2620061/243ai,cR
038087Inch Up Disc #14120091/243ai,cR
18704 RE Amemiya The Street µ Greddy 9 FD3S RX-7Racing Star #720021/243ci,cR
038315Inch Up Disc #15320101/243ci,cR
03465Mazdaspeed FD3S RX-7 Touring A-SpecInch Up Disk #8120131/243ai,cR
046181Inch Up Disk #8120211/243ai,cR
18432Mazdaspeed RX-7 FD3S A-Spec, Carbon AeroCarbon Aero #220011/243ai,cR
18840Mazdaspeed FD3S RX-7 A-Spec GT-W WingGT-Wing #320031/243ai,cR
18791Mazdaspeed RX-7 FD3S A-Spec RudoraAuto Gallery #4420031/243ai,cR
18715Mazdaspeed RX-7 FD3S R-Spec Touring KitRacing Star #1020021/243ci,cR
18788Mazdaspeed RX-7 FD3S B-Spec Touring KitRacing Star #1420031/243ci,cR
038322Inch Up Disc #15420101/243ci,cR
18775Garage TT Mazda RX-7 FD3SAuto Gallery #3420021/243ci,cR
18786Advan GAB Rigid RX-7 FD3SAuto Gallery #4020031/243ci,cR
18135'Bayside Midnight' FD3S RX-7 RGOBayside Midnight #520001/243ci,cR
18329'Initial D' RX-7 FD3S, Red Suns, Keisuke TakahashiInitial D #1020131/243ai,cR
18341'Initial D Anime' RX-7 FD3S, Keisuke TakahashiInitial D19991/243bi,c,xcR
18342'Initial D' RX-7 FD3S Mazdaspeed A-SpecInitial D #1220131/243bi,cR
18359'Initial D' FD3S RX-7 Project D Version, Keisuke TakahashiInitial D #2120131/243ai,cR
18352'Initial D' FD3S RX-7 Kai, KyokoInitial D #1720021/243ai,cR
189420Mazda RX-7 FD3S 'Alicia Infans'Chara-deCar #320091/243ci,cR
KI001Kotobukiya Mazda RX-7 FD3S 'Shuffle !'Chara-deCar #K0120091/243ci,cR

Cat.Nr. Box Title Series Released Scale Type Details Steering
RX-7 FD Street
ZZ2Enfini RX-7 Type RZ Zone #219921/123ai,e,c,xm,xcR
ZZ3Enfini RX-7 Type XZ Zone #319931/123a(R)i,e,c,xm,xcR
RX-7 FD Race Cars
ZZ3Enfini RX-7 Type XZ Zone #319931/123a(R)i,e,c,xm,xcR
CQ-2RX-7 Trans MaterialTrans Kit #219931/123aRiR

Revell Europe
Cat.Nr. Box Title Released Scale Type Details Steering
RX-7 FD Street
7357Mazda RX-719931/243ai,cR

Cat.Nr. Box Title Series Released Scale Type Details Steering
RX-7 FD Street
24006Enfini RX-7 Type RPRA-X Japan #619921/243ai,cR
24007Enfini RX-7 Type XPRA-X Japan #719921/243ai,cR
24010Enfini RX-7 (Type R) [GPV]PRA-X Japan #1019921/243ai,cR
24012Mazda RX-7PRA-X Japan #1219921/243ai,cL
25001Enfini RX-7 Type RDori² #119921/243ai,cR
25002Enfini RX-7 Type XDori² #219921/243ai,cR
43024Enfini RX-7 type RCAM #2419921/433ai,cR

Cat.Nr. Box Title Series Released Scale Type Details Steering
RX-7 FD Street
24110Enfini RX-7Sports Car #11019921/243ai,cR
24116Mazda RX-7 R1Sports Car #11620231/243ai,e,cL,R

Cat.Nr. Manufacturer Box Title Series Released Scale Type Details Steering
RX-7 FD Street
99802Double-U'Initial D' FD3S RX-7Initial D #420011/323bm-
MN10MonoMazda RX-7 (FD3S) Custom Competition Yellow MicaAutomobile Kit20221/323bi,cR
MN11MonoMazda RX-7 (FD3S) Custom Silver Stone MetallicAutomobile Kit20221/323bi,cR
MN12MonoMazda RX-7 (FD3S) Custom Blue MicaAutomobile Kit20221/323bi,cR

Cat.Nr. Manufacturer Box Title Released Scale Details
RX-7 FD Street
2Gesse Initial D Red Suns Nr.2, Keisuke Takahashi20001/24xr
ATS-8036Acu-StionRE Amemiya mu Kakyuatsujosho 7 SPL Mechanical Parts20061/24xp
P024Factory81Mazda FD3s RX-7 Pop-Up Headlights20151/24xr
Z080ZoomOn ModelMazda RX-7 Popup Headlights20201/24xr
ZD082ZoomOn ModelMazda RX-7 FD Hood Structure20201/24xp
HD02-0334Hobby DesignFD3S RX-7 for Fujimi (18359)20161/24xp, xr
HD02-0363Hobby DesignMazda RX-7 R1 for Tamiya (24116)20181/24xp, xr
HD03-0519Hobby DesignRX-7 FD Front Lamp Detail-Up Set20181/24xr
HD09-0013Hobby DesignMazda RX-7 Masking Seal20101/24-
ZD-WM-0004Zero DesignsMazda RX-7 Window Masking Seal20181/24-
ZD048ZoomOn ModelMazda RX-7 FD Window and Lights Painting Masks20201/24-
ZD028ZoomOn ModelMazda Metal Sticker20201/24-
RX-7 FD Street
TK014Factory81VeilSide Fortune RX-7 transkit20151/24xr
TK018Factory81Rocket Bunny RX-7 transkit20151/24xr
TK032Factory81Pandem Boss FD3S RX-7 transkit20181/24xr
---DiOlex ProductionPandem Boss FD3S RX-7 transkit20211/24xr
YS24-019Decal Shop RUHan Lue Mazda RX-7 VeilSide Fortune transkit20201/24xr
YS24-020Decal Shop RUDominic Toretto’s Mazda RX-7 VeilSide transkit20211/24xr
HD03-0512Hobby DesignRB Mazda RX-7 Wide Body Kit20181/24xp, xr
Z076ZoomOn ModelMazda Enfini RX-7 (FD) A-Spec20201/24xp, xr
EK008Factory81Mazda 13B Turbo Engine Kit20151/24xr
EK009Factory81Mazda 26B ITB Engine Kit20151/24xr
T66N5KV2N3D Model Specialtiesrotary 20 B asst 4 1/2420181/24xr
---DiOlex ProductionMazda 13B resin Engine kit 1/2420201/24xr
---DiOlex ProductionMazda 20B resin Engine kit 1/2420211/24xr
RM038Factory81Enkei X Rocket Bunny 6666 Wheels20151/24xr
14AoshimaMazdaspeed MS-01 wheels19981/24-
19193FujimiMazdaspeed MS-02 18in. wheels20001/24-
19209FujimiVeil Side 17in Marriott wheels20001/24-
19210FujimiVeil Side Andrew Racing efF 18in wheels20001/24-
19211FujimiRE Amemiya 18in AW-7 wheels20001/24-
19230FujimiEnkei RP-F1 17in wheels20061/24-
035733AoshimaRacing Hart 19in Type CR wheels20051/24-
03690AoshimaGram Lights 18in Type 57F-pro wheels20051/24-
036914AoshimaWork Emotion CR Kai 18in wheels20051/24-
040164AoshimaAdvan Super Racing Version 2 wheels20131/24-
34132AoshimaGT Wing parts set pt.220041/24-
058237AoshimaWing parts Vol.120231/24-
11112FujimiGT-W Wing Set & Muffler Tune Set20041/24-
WS6 Scale Auto Style RX-7 FD3S R-Style Wing - Street20061/24xp, xr
WS7Scale Auto StyleRX-7 FD3S R-Style Wing - Race20061/24xp, xr

Key to tables
1a'78-'80 (SA)iinteriorLLeft Hand Drive
1b'81-'83 (FB)eengine bayRRight Hand Drive (Japan,UK,...)
1c'84-'85 (FB)cchassis/suspension
melectric motorItashacar decorated with manga graphics
2a'86-'89 (FC)lfelectric head lights
2b'90-'91 (FC)lrelectric tail lights
2c'91 Infini IV (FC)xpetched metal details
xccast metal details
3a'92-'95 (FD)xrresin details
3b'96-'98 (FD)( )requires parts not included in kit
3c'99-2002 (FD)[new]recently added to this site (i.e. not always a new release !)
..Rrace car[update]info was recently updated

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