RX-7 FC Miniature Models List

This is an overview of plastic model kits made of the second generation of the Mazda RX-7 (FC).
Lists of model kits of the first generation (SA and FB), the third generation (FD), other rotary race cars and other Mazda rotary types can be found on separate pages.

Many models listed here are no longer available in shops.
Click on Cat.Nr. for more information on a model.
The Released column lists the most recent release of a kit, the backgound color indicates how long ago: darker is longer ago (likely making the kit harder to find).
The codes used in the tables are explained at the bottom of this page.
The list is grouped by manufacturer, click on the links below to jump to parts of the list:

Cat.Nr. Box Title Series Released Scale Type Details Steering
RX-7 FC Street
036754Mazda FC3S Savanna RX-7 '85Best Car GT #7020051/242ai,cR
036761Mazda FC3S Savanna RX-7 '89Best Car GT #7120051/242bi,cR
038208Mazda FC3S Savanna RX-7 '89 Left Hand DriveBest Car GT #7120061/242bi,cL,R
055496Mazda FC3S Savanna RX-7 '89The Model Car #6420181/242bi,cL,R
042526Infinity Savanna RX-7 FC3SBest Car GT #3520081/242bi,cR
004227Savanna RX-7 FC3S Winning LimitedBest Car GT #7020121/242bi,cR
038017BN Sports Savanna RX-7 FC3SS Package Ver. R #9320061/242bi,cR
054499The Tuned Car #4020171/242bi,cR
042533RE Amemiya Savanna RX-7 FC3SS Package Ver. R #5020081/242bi,cR
042540RE Amemiya Savanna RX-7 FC3S Full AeroS Package Ver. R #4920091/242bi,cR
055809The Tuned Car #5820181/242bi,cR
039526FC3S RX-7 'Ryosuke Takahashi'Initial D #320131/242bi,e,cR
011560FC3S RX-7 Ryosuke Takahashi (Hakone Battle Version)Initial D #720161/242bi,e,cR
062470Prepainted Model #I-0320221/242bi,cR
062463FC3S RX-7 'Ryosuke Takahashi (Akagi showdown)' Prepainted Model #I-02 20221/242ci,cR
062494FC3S RX-7 'Ryosuke Takahashi (Akina Confrontation)'Initial D #220231/242bi,cR
044179Mazda FC3S Savanna RX-7 'Little Busters !'Itasha #420081/242bi,cR
048849RE Amemiya Savanna RX-7 FC3S 'Air'Itasha #1320101/242bi,cR
007594RX-7 FC3S BN Sports 'Senran Kagura'Itasha #3120131/242bi,cR
022016'Initial D' FC3S RX-7Initial D #0219991/322bm-
RX-7 FC Race Cars
037683Racing Beat FC3S RX-7 BonnevilleS Package Ver. R #SP20061/242ai,cL,R
037041Team Samurai Project FC3S RX-7 2006~D1 Grand Prix #1120061/242bi,cR
037058HPI FC3S RX-7 2005D1 Grand Prix #SP20061/242bi,cR

Cat.Nr. Box Title Series Released Scale Type Details Steering
Rx-7 FC Street
ID-34(green)Mazda New Savanna RX-7Inch Up Disc #3419861/242ai,m,lf,lrR
03428FC3S Savanna RX-7Inch Up Disc #2919971/242aiL,R
03683FC3S Savanna RX-7 with engineInch Up Disc #ID-SPOT20071/242ai,xcL,R
HC-86Mazda New RX-7Hi-So Car #8619861/242aiL,R
04009Mazda RX-7Tohge #920031/242aiL,R
18110Mazda RX-7Super Drift #619941/242aiL,R
SI-110Mazda RX-7Super Inch Up #11019901/242aiL,R
JT-8Mazda RX-7Just Tuning #819941/242aiL,R
LP-14Mazda RX-7Low Profile #1419931/242aiL,R
18407FC3S Savanna RX-7Special Edition #719971/242aiL,R
18325'Initial D' RX-7 FC3S, Red Suns, Ryousuke TakahashiInitial D #520131/242ci(L,)R
18331'Initial D Anime' RX-7 FC3S, Red SunsInitial D Animation #1020131/242ci(L,)R
18334'Initial D Anime' RX-7 FC3S, Red SunsInitial D #1320041/242ci(L,)R
18348'Initial D with Figures' RX-7 FC3S, Red SunsInitial D #20011/242ci,xc(L,)R
18358'Initial D the Movie' RX-7 FC3SInitial D #2420061/242ci(L,)R
18418FC3S RX-7 Highway PatrolPatrol Car #419991/242ai(L,)R
04550FC3S RX-7Street Tune #219991/242a/bi(L,)R
038377Mazda Savanna RX-7 FC3SInch Up Disc #15820101/242ci(L,)R
IM-6Mazda New Savanna RX-7 GT LimitedInch Up Mini #619861/482aiR
IM-36Mazda New Savanna RX-7Inch Up Mini #3619881/482aiR
AM-44Mazda Savanna RX-7Inch Up Mini #4419861/482aiR

Revell Europe
Cat.Nr. Box Title Released Scale Type Details Steering
7279Mazda RX-719871/242aiL,R

Cat.Nr. Box Title Series Released Scale Type Details Steering
RX-7 FC Street
2460Mazda RX-7 GT LimitedSports Car #6019861/242ai,e,cL,R
2466Mazda RX-7 GT Limited MotorizedSports Car #6619871/242amR
2474Mazda RX-7 CabrioletSports Car #7419881/242ai,e,cL,R

Cat.Nr. Manufacturer Box Title Released Scale Type Details Steering
RX-7 FC Street
375TestorsMazda RX-719871/242aiL,R
99800Double-U'Initial D' FC3S RX-720011/322bm-
FKabayaSavanna RX-7 GT Limited20041/382aiR
616MitsuwaMazda RX-7 Savanna1987--2am-
MN07MonoMazda Savanna RX-7 (FC3S) Crystal White20221/322ci,cR
MN08MonoMazda Savanna RX-7 (FC3S) Blaze Red20221/322ci,cR
MN09MonoMazda Savanna RX-7 (FC3S) Brilliant Black20221/322ci,cR

Cat.Nr. Manufacturer Box Title Released Scale Details
RX-7 FC Street
1Gesse Initial D Red Suns Nr.1, Ryousuke Takahashi20001/24xr
HD02-0345Hobby DesignRyosuke Takahashi FC3S RX-7 for Aoshima20161/24xp, xr
ZD081ZoomOn ModelMazda RX-7 FC Hood Structure20201/24xp
ZD050ZoomOn ModelMazda RX-7 FC Window and Lights Painting Masks20201/24-
RX-7 FC Street
052402AoshimaBBS RG 17in wheels20231/24-
---DiOlex ProductionMazda 16in 10-spoke Turbo II wheels20181/24xr
---DiOlex ProductionMazda 16in 7-spoke Turbo II wheels20181/24xr
19141FujimiBBS RS 15in wheels20101/24-
RX-7 FC Street
11080FujimiAe & Be Wing Set20011/24-

Key to tables
1a'78-'80 (SA)iinteriorLLeft Hand Drive
1b'81-'83 (FB)eengine bayRRight Hand Drive (Japan,UK,...)
1c'84-'85 (FB)cchassis/suspension
melectric motorItashacar decorated with manga graphics
2a'86-'89 (FC)lfelectric head lights
2b'90-'91 (FC)lrelectric tail lights
2c'91 Infini IV (FC)xpetched metal details
xccast metal details
3a'92-'95 (FD)xrresin details
3b'96-'98 (FD)( )requires parts not included in kit
3c'99-2002 (FD)[new]recently added to this site (i.e. not always a new release !)
..Rrace car[update]info was recently updated

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