Mitsuwa Charge Mazda 787B
Mid Racer Collection Nr.5

box top (16.7KB) This is not a scale model, but rather a cute little caricature of the Mazda 787B race car in the orange and green 'Charge' livery of the famous 1991 Le Mans winner.

The kit has to be assembled using a snap-washer and some screws, no glue is required. The windows are tinted dark brown to hide a total lack of interior details. The actual model is 9cm long.

It is fitted with a spring loaded 'pull-back' motor driving the wide rear wheels. The front axle is fixed, no steering mechanism is provided.

The orange colored body has the green patches for the color scheme factory painted, in addition to this a very nice decal sheet is included, it contains a full set of sponsor logos, all of the white dashed lines and decals for headlights and tail lights.

The kit was released several times, both in the orange and green Charge color scheme and in the blue and white Mazda color scheme.

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