LS RX-7 Group 5 Machine

box top (23.3KB) A very interesting kit as it represents a Japanese Silhouette class racer. The kit, which is identical to the LS RX-7 Silhouette kit apart from the decals, includes parts for turning it into a "carpet racing toy", like a vinyl front add-on bumper and a big Mabuchi electric motor. Despite these toy-like parts, the kit has accurate dimensions and represents the direct ancestor to Mazda's Rx-7 based 252i, 253i and 254i racers that competed in the Le Mans 24hr races between 1979 and 1982.
This kit comes with decals for a color scheme similar to the 254i that ran Le Mans in 1982, however the model itself is closer to a 253i.

Rx-7 type 253i at Le Mans 1981Rx-7 253i at Le Mans in 1981, about to retire from the race because of drivetrain problems.
Rx-7 type 254i at Le Mans 1982Rx-7 254i at Le Mans in 1982, where it finished 14th overall.

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