Aoshima March '75S/Rotary,
Circuit Machine Series No.4

box top (17KB) This is a very basic motorized kit.
It represents a circuit racer as it was entered by the Mazda factory team for the 1978 Japanese Sportscar Championship.
This Mazda 12A powered March 75S was highly succesful, winning both the prestigious Fuji 1000 and the Fuji Victory 200km events, whilst finishing in the top 3 overal in several other events during the 1978 season.

The kit consists of a sturdy single-piece body, some cockpit details, nice looking 6-spoke wheels with rubber-like racing tires and the front wheels can be made to 'steer'.
A large set of decals completes this kit.
There are options for fitting light bulbs behind the slots that pass for head lights and for fitting an electric motor.
Neither motor nor bulbs are included in the kit.

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