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My favorite Girls

Actually they are all my favorites, some because they're beautiful, some because they remind me of real-life girls or women and some simply because they're cute.
These Girls are really special to me:

  • Nicky, for the way she smiles at me, she's the most adorable of my Girls
  • Melody, she's simply gorgeous
  • Caroline, she represents those hidden qualities that you can bring out with a bit of love and attention
  • Vera, my Number One Spares-box Sweetheart
  • Margiana, her sweet smile makes her the focal point in my display cabinet
  • Claudia, my first true Spares-box Sweetheart
  • Emma, not only because she's my first repaint, I just love the way she looks
  • Kathy, a gorgeous naughty looking redhead
  • Sylvia, my little movie star, her lovely face complements her glamorous figure perfectly
  • Jessica, she's so cute, always puts a smile on my face and usually ends up having exactly the right expression on pictures
  • Priscilla, lovely and beautiful, her smile still makes me 'stop in my tracks'
  • Julianne, cute, gorgeous and freckle-faced, a perfect little redhead
  • Denyse, the lovely dark-skinned beauty I'd been searching for for ages
  • Joy, cute and radiating happiness like no one else
  • Fleur, lovely, cute, fun and gorgeous, Fleur ticks all boxes

Repairs and enhancements

All those repair guides don't mean that Cool Girls are fragile or prone to breaking, most of these figures are really sturdy (I've never broken a CG part myself, apart from an aftermarket ankle peg and ankle post).
It is just that I wanted to be able to repair things so I bought some broken Cool Girls on purpose ! Details on how I turned these broken bodies into Girls can be found on a separate page.

Originally, Cy Girls were just designed to be taken out of the box and be posed, which is why the ankle cups of the v1.0 bodies were prone to breaking when the boot feet were removed. There was also a batch of v1 bodies made with fragile knee joints.

Once I had my first Cool Girls I planned to make some spare/replacement parts (ankle cups in particular) and do some modifications and repairs (you can find links to the results on the repairs page). One thing still on my list is making hands with bendable fingers.
Since I wanted to be able to repair and restore Cool Girls, I also needed to be able make pleather (leather-like vinyl coated fabric) boot sleeves and clothing, as pleather deteriorates easily and unpredictably.
Sofar I made some pleather boot sleeves, a couple of cropped jackets and some pairs of shorts, some more info can be found on the Accessories page.

The pages on rerooting hair and painting faces started with me taking some in-progress pictures for me to document what I was doing.
Particularly when painting faces I tend to get an 'uhoh, how do I get this to look the way I want' feeling halfway, I hope the pictures help to overcome such feelings.

Some random thoughts and trivia

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