1/6 Scale B-Girl

CG Jessica
After completing Sylvia I found this cute blond Barbie on eBay. With her big blue eyes, tan skin, long blond hair and innocent look, she looked perfect for turning into a little 'Blond Bombshell'.
So I took a CG v2B body, firmed up the knees, cleaned up the seams, modified the neck and fitted an adapter for the head.
Then I turned her into one of my 'B-Girls' by carefully removing the head from the Barbie body and fitting it to the CG body.
At first I put her in a tight white spandex jumpsuit (which I put on her back-to-front to keep her hair from getting tangled in the zipper :-)).

CG Jessica CG Jessica
This Barbie head sculpt has a realistic shape with a beautiful little nose and a girlishly cute expression, in particular when viewed from an angle.
CG Jessica and Sylvia

Barbie heads with this '2005' (a.k.a. 'Fashion Fever') face sculpt were released between 2007 and 2008. After that the '2005' face was no longer part of the regular lineup although it sometimes shows up in play sets such as the 2010 'Barbie with Vespa scooter' Set (P6560).

This particular Barbie originates from a 2008 "Totally Stylin' Tattoos" Set (N4758). Barbie Totally Stylin' Tattoos Set

Her big blue eyes are printed in a rather odd, somewhat cartoonish way. This makes that she has no clear focal point in the vertical plane: when you tilt her head slightly down she still appears to look at you, only the expression on her face becomes a bit more mischievous.
CG Jessica

CG Jessica Uhm, I don't have to say something clever now, do I ?

At first it took me a few tries to get Jessica to look right on the pictures.
Getting the camera low and the lighting wrong may show a lot of cleavage, but makes her cute expression turn a bit silly.
(Sorry Jess, I will try not to do any more pictures like this).

Her cute enthusiastic expression is inspiring and makes me think up situations and things to do for her, just so I can take even more pictures of Jessica.

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Member SinceAugust 20th 2011
bodyCG v2 type B
head2008 Totally Stylin' Tattoos Barbie N4758
sculpt codeJ1361 ('Barbie 2005' face sculpt ©2005)
remarksneck adapted to fit head,
knees made firmer

Jessica and Sylvia, Best Friends Forever.
Afterall Jessica used to be a "Barbie" and Sylvia a "Teresa" and Teresa is Barbies best friend.
CG Jessica and Sylvia

More pictures (click for larger version)
Jessica and Sylvia Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica
Jessica and Sylvia among the Stars Jessica and Sylvia Jessica Jessica
... yet more pictures of Jessica

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