1/6 Scale TTL bodied B-Girl

Julianne This gorgeous freckle faced Barbie was just too lovely to resist buying, she is from the same 2017 'Floral Dress' play-line series as the Barbie whose head I used for Becky.
Even though Mattel made recent Barbie bodies look more realistic (actually the current Barbie bodies look better than most action figure bodies do IMHO), those tiny hands and feet and rigid skinny limbs convinced me to use this lovely head to create another B-Girl.
In 2016 Mattel changed the skin tones of Barbies and this particular tone is new, it was hard to find a CG-style body with a matching skin tone. Fortunately the TTL 1.0 bodies I have match the skin tone reasonably well.

I picked a TTL 1.0A 'regular bust' body that I had modified before (a crotch mod and the top of the thighs trimmed). To get the body to look even better I also trimmed the bulges on the elbow hinges, sanded down the edges of the arm sockets and sanded down the lower edges of the rib cage to reduce the effect of the edges showing through clothes. All of these modifications are described in detail on a separate page.
Then I rounded off the edge of the neck and buffed all sanded areas to seal the surface of the ABS plastic.
Finally I added an adapter out of vinyl tubing, removed the head from the Barbie body and fitted the head to the body.


The head turned out to be a new variation on the Fashionistas Barbie head, a surprise to me as I never liked the earlier blue eyed versions of this head.

For now I dressed her in her original Barbie dress and put her Barbie bracelet on her arm.

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Member SinceSep 7th 2018
bodyTTL L1.0A (Regular Bust)
head2017 Barbie 'Violet Floral Dress' DMP25
sculpt codeV9502-1 ('Fashionistas' face sculpt © 2010)
remarksmodified crotch area
trimmed top of thighs
trimmed elbow hinges
sanded down ribcage edges
edge of neck rounded for Barbie head

Julianne Julianne, first picture

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