1/6 Scale B-Girl

CG Janet Janet is another one of my Barbie-headed Cool Girls, actually I moved some heads to different bodies and decided to put this head on the body that I had used for Anne before.
The skin tone of her face matches the body well and her expression also matches the black leather biker outfit that Anne was wearing so I kept the clothes with the body.

It looks like this particular head was meant to be fitted to a 2018 Barbie Fashionistas nr.92 'Retro Garden Party' (FJF52) doll. I don't know why it ended up as surplus as I could not find any flaws with either the hair, the head or the face-up.

Apart from the oversized eyes and mouth, this head sculpt has a realistic shape and beautiful features.
Like most recent Barbie heads, this one also is slightly larger, but it does look great on a CG v2B body.
Her hair came tied in a pony tail, I left it that way as it goes well with her outfit and also draws some more attention to beauty of her face.

The body I used is a CG v2B body of which I slightly modified the neck and fitted an adapter for the head.

I also used the same black fingerless gloves that Anne had.

CG Janet wearing a biker jacket
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Member SinceJune 21st 2019
bodyCG v2 type B
head2018 Barbie Fashionistas FJF52
sculpt codeDVX71 ('Millie, closed mouth' face sculpt ©2015)
remarksneck adapted to fit head

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Janet Janet

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